Until I have become a top salesman, I used to depend on this discount to help me close or beg for sales.

Sadly, this is adopted in 90% of the retail shop, before customer open their mouth and asked about the product, they would say all items are 15% off.

When customer buy product, they buy because they need it not because of discount.

For customers who want to buy because of discount is because they used to get cheated badly in the past and always have the impression that retailers markup.

However, do Apple or LV shop hold discount? I doubt so because they offer fix price which gave consumer confident to make purchase whenever they need it.

Be confident and sell product not discount, however I can share with you my 3 tricks to counter this type of cheapo customers.


Trick 1 – Free Gift

Let them know you can only give free gift as the price is fixed or controlled and the limited free gift changes.

This show sincerity in this transaction and acknowledge the understanding of discount.


Trick 2 – Give and take

Offer discount but remove delivery or warranty.

You make things difficult or troublesome for them, make life difficult and they will give up on discount.


Trick 3 – refund policy

If you get a better price outside, we will refund you.

(most people buy and will not research on the product)


Trick 4 – Sell your shop reputation

Products can be the same and vary in price however the service and workmanship set apart.

We can offer you a different price but we will provide the package others provide which is not our standard.


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