Part Time Job
Full Time Job

Part Time Sales Promoter x 30 (Students Welcome)

  • Hourly Basic $10-15 Per Hour (Depend on Experience)
  • Commission + incentives
  • SG / PR / Malaysian
  • Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday
  • Annual Performance Bonus
  • Yearly Salary Promotion

Duties for Part Time Sales Promoter

  1. Serve and explain on the usage of digital lock and other products
  2. Follow up with customers and keen to learn
  3. Teach Customer on programming and after sales service

Salary $800 –$1500

Full Time Sales Consultant x 20

  • Monthly Basic Depend on Experience
  • Commission + Incentives
  • 5 / 6 Days work – You can choose
  • Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday is compulsory
  • Annual Performance
  • Yearly Salary Promotion
  • Promote to Branch Manager base on performance

Duties & Responsibility

  1. Explain and follow up with customers patiently
  2. Able to answer Sales enquiry after office hours
  3. Treat every customer with respect, humble and with great understanding
  4. Teach Customer on programming and after sales service
  5. Have a great vision to make My Digital Lock becoming the second biggest digital lock company

Salary $2500 – $5000

About My Digital Lock

How My Digital Lock is form and Why My Digital Lock?

I am Ronn, the founder of MY DIGITAL LOCK, and I set up this company in 2012, 3 months before enlisted to National Service with only $500

Because my last employer whom I partner with, have owe a few months of my salary which leave me to no choice but to set up this company myself

6 out of all the 12 jobs I worked with, all the boss didn’t pay my salary and hence I decided to set up My Digital Lock to prevent history from happening again

Until today, we have not owed any salary, suppliers’ invoice and fulfil every promise made, therefore we have more than 30 employees, 6 retail shops, 10 vehicles and become the second digital lock company as of today

Vision and My Digital Lock Target in 2020 / 2021

We are looking for candidates with entrepreneurship spirit to join us, training will be provided

However, we are looking for someone whom are serious in their career

My Digital Lock is doing a full-scale expansion in 2020 / 2021 targeting an island wide expansion to digitalise majority of the HDB and condo in Singapore

There is no politics in our company as we only recruit serious candidate to serve our customers in order to ensure the quality and standard in our company

If you are able to take up hardship and willing to learn, call us today 90677990

Company has no value without a good product and a team of passionate staff to support My Digital Lock