My Hope

Hope Mattress

My Hope Mattress is one of first entry level My President Mattress with 5 zone pocket spring.

Highly recommended for side sleepers, and one of our best-selling mattresses under My President.

Cool, Comfortable Elegance

Cool, Comfortable Elegance

Gel-infused memory foam does double duty, providing you with a soft, comforting feel as well as contouring perfectly to your body for ultimate pressure point relief.

Cloud Like Pillow Top

Cloud Like Pillow Top

Our My Hope Quilted Pillow Top cradles you from head to toe. It’s so comfortable…you’ll never want to leave your bed again.


The pincore holes allow air to flow freely through all layers of the mattress. Meaning you can say goodnight to sleeping hot.

Unforgettable Comfort
Gel Memory Foam

Our gel memory foam is infused with millions of gel beads to maintain perfect temperature through the night.


With moisture management this fiber is a protector for skin, comforting with an antistatic feature and hygiene friendly with odor removal. With the UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® mattress fiber you will get much more than just a silky touch.


These mattresses are easier to maintain and have a lifespan of many years.

Sleeping Style

Any sleeping position is suitable in this mattress through even weight distribution.

No Movement Disturbance

Because each spring is individually wrapped, movement disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Temperature Control

Our Pocket, Spring allow a good flow between the material and the body, keeping the body cool during the night.

Motion Isolation

With 5 zone individual pocket spring

You will never wake because of your partner again

When one partner moves, the other barely fees it

Sleeps Cool & Breezy

Innerspring coils transfer heat 28% better than traditional memory foam.

Stay cool throughout the night.