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Today we are going to bring you the most anticipated digital lock in the Lenovo family, Lenovo F1 Pro door digital lock.

3D Face recognition

The unique feature of the lock is the 3D face recognition. The technology has matured over the years. 3D face recognition is now based on machine learning of tens of billions of face databases. It has input anti-counterfeiting measures against photos, videos, and masks. That means if you put a photo in front of the lock, it won’t unlock, tested, and proven.

The sensor swipes the face to unlock the door within seconds, with a false recognition rate of < 0.0001%.

3D face recognition algorithm

Do not worry if you are wearing glasses or ladies with your makeup on. The 3D face recognition has its own algorithm to make sure it identifies all users.

Human body sensing distance

You can even adjust the human body’s sensing distance. You may have small children who are 1.3 meters tall or a family member who is as tall as a basketball ball player at 2 meters, there is no issue at all.

Bionic Binocular Sensors

The lock has infrared light which enables it to read all faces in all lighting conditions, such as strong light, backlight, and dark corridors.


Early bird promo

Check out the lock at our showrooms and grab it at an early bird price of $899 (U.P $1199)


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