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My Digital Lock Pte Ltd (Yishun) EPIC Digital Lock/ HDB Laminate Main Door/ HDB Gate/ Bedroom/ Toilet Door / Hotel Mattress
Based on 15869 reviews
Jessie L.
Jessie L.
Ramu did a fantastic job installing the door lock Lenovo X5 in less than an hour. He explains well, skillfull and very knowledgeable Thank you for your coaching and great service!
Bugis Junction good service Ice 👍☺️☺️. Thangam also good service
Felicia L.
Felicia L.
Served by Stella at AMK hub. Nice and fuss free .
ruzaida A.
ruzaida A.
Selvam, is very helpful n friendly person, fast in going his job.
Jayrius T.
Jayrius T.
Joseph did a great job fixing the new door lock. Very meticulous with great workmanship. 2 thumbs up!
Moh Sing Y.
Moh Sing Y.
Very professional work and efficient by Mani
Joseph K.
Joseph K.
Salesperson Ice, Very friendly, thoroughly explained product features, and provided a complete overview of the product I needed.
Ryan T
Ryan T
Great customer service. Ice is professional and very helpful in answering all my questions.
muhammad khair Z.
muhammad khair Z.
Deva was very nice to explain everything and install.
Alvin K.
Alvin K.
Arun complete service
Johnny Y.
Johnny Y.
Leaf K.
Leaf K.
An Peng, is very polite, helpful n courteous and he know his product well. An asset to your company.
Zoey T.
Zoey T.
Ramu-explanation very details and guide us very well on how to use the digital lock.
Amos T.
Amos T.
Installer Mani was very professional in installation process and took time to teach on the usage of the Lenovo digital lock system. KUDOS on the great job and wonderful service.
Zulhilmie S.
Zulhilmie S.
Ice and Ramu were very helpful saleslady and installer. They helped us get the perfect door lock. Thanks Ice and Ramu!
Good service@ice
dengfeng S.
dengfeng S.
rayner S.
rayner S.
Joseph he was early for my appointment and he solved my problem about the battery issue by changing a new lock for me. Thumbs up. I will recommend digital lock to my family members.
Er soon Y.
Er soon Y.
RamuVery excellent service
Titus L.
Titus L.
Ck.. very attentives..Service is good... highly recommendedThank u!!!!!!
Zach K.
Zach K.
Stella is friendly and helpful. Professional service rendered
Stella N.
Stella N.
Thamgam is friendly, helpful and knows his job well. He explain very clearly and is patient. Well done!
Jun Hao N.
Jun Hao N.
Joseph was prompt and knowledgeable. Replacement was fast.
huiying Z.
huiying Z.
Selvam is very good and patient to teach us.
Azmi R.
Azmi R.
Selvam, very good installer. Taught me well on how to use the functions. Thumbs up!

Cheapest Digital Lock

If you come across a digital lock that’s cheaper than ours, give us a call, and we’ll give you a $30 discount off their price!

Cheapest Korean Digital Lock

You can Unlock the HDB Gate & Door in one touch at the lowest price in Singapore.

Midas Crystal Dual Fingerprint Gate LockMidas Crystal Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock Sale!
Midas SliverMidas Sliver Sale!
Gold ProGold Pro Sale!
Midas Crystal Door Lock Sale!

Cheapest Lenovo Smart Lock

Checkout the first Face Recognition HDB Gate Lock in Singapore by Lenovo

lenovo-smart-lock-E2lenovo-smart-lock-E2 Sale!

Lenovo A1 Digital Lock

$ 799.00 $ 599.00

Lenovo U1 Digital Lock

$ 799.00 $ 599.00

Moorgen X Swarovski Crystal Digital Lock

The First Digital Lock designed by Milan Designers for Moorgen Smart Home.


Moorgen T16 Baby Skin Digital Lock

$ 1,599.00 $ 1,199.00
Moorgen T5 Pro Face Recognition Digital Lock Sale!
T9 Swarovski Crystal Digital Lock Sale!

T9 Swarovski Crystal Digital Lock

$ 1,799.00 $ 1,399.00

Limited Edition
Digital Lock

ONLY 10 Pieces in each color every 2 months

EPIC 7G Designer
Smartphone Digital Lock

For HDB / Condo Door
EPIC 7G Door Digital Lock – Winter Black Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Door Digital Lock – Harvest Gold Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Door Digital Lock – Summer Orange Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Door Digital Lock – Autumn Brown Sale!
For HDB / Condo Gate
EPIC 7G Designer Gate Digital Lock – Winter Black Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Gate Digital Lock – Harvest Gold Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Gate Digital Lock – Summer Orange Sale!
EPIC 7G Designer Gate Digital Lock – Spring Tiffany Blue Sale!
EPIC 5G / 6G Locks
EPIC-5G-Satin-Gold-Digital-Lock Sale!

EPIC 5G Satin Gold Digital Lock

$ 699.00 $ 499.00
EPIC-5G-Digital-Lock Sale!

EPIC 5G Digital Lock

$ 599.00 $ 450.00
epic-24k-gold-platted-digital-lock Sale!
EPIC-6G-Pro Sale!
EPIC-6G-Satin-Gold-Pro Sale!

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Interior Designer HDB Fire Rated Main Door
(2023 Laminate Design)

3×7 Feet $699 4×7 Feet $1099

Add Laminate Design with Free Gold Stainless Steel $200

Add Fire Rated $400

Visit our My Digital Lock Museum to view the latest laminate HDB main door design for 2023

My Digital Lock have selected the nicest EPIC and Lenovo Digital lock

To build the nicest HDB Fire Rated Laminate Main door for you


HDB Vinyl Door Sticker (2023 New & Popular)
Weather Proof + 100 New Design

3×7 Feet HDB Main Door $299 (Front, Side and back)

HDB Bedroom Door $299 Each

Bomb Shelter $180

A lot of BTO HDB customer choose to get the Vinyl door sticker to wrap their fire rated main door

Now you can get our EPIC and Lenovo digital door lock to match with our 100-door sticker design

You can wrap for your bedroom door, kitchen glass door, bomb shelter or even HDB Fire rated laminate main door

Add $50 for 4×7 Feet HDB Fire Rated Main Door


2023 Kato Marble Gate
(Italy Design Marble)

3×7 Feet $999 4×7 Feet $1099

My Digital Lock have built the most luxurious HDB Gate in Singapore to match with our EPIC 7G Designer Gate Lock & Laminate Fire Rated Main Door

You may visit our Yishun and UBI HQ to view our interior design to get some concept for your home renovation

Add $100 for 2k Gold Design

The luxurious combination of 2k Gold, Italy Marble and Line design in one HDB Mild Steel Gate

Add $200 for Designer Gold Handle + Mortise Lock
(U.P. $479)

We have selected the nicest Italy design mortise handle to perfect the Kato Marble Gate

The handle is in round edges with nice polishing and weather proof coating


Change your Luck with Feng Shui 2K Gold Gate

3×7 Feet $899 4×7 Feet $999

If you always have conflict with your HDB neighbour, problem with your family bonding, no progress in your career or often sick

You may consider to change your HDB Door and Gate Design, as it is the most important

Feng Shui factor where the QI (Air) flow into your house

Free Feng Shui Advise as below at Master Yang Office
(Level 2)

1. Choosing the House Color

2. Auspicious Date and Time for installation of HDB Door & Gate

3. Placement of safe to grow wealth

(Available only in 33 Ubi Vertex #01-60)

Endorsed by Master Yang Li


Kato 2K Gold Gate (2023 Latest Interior Design Trend)

3×7 Feet $899 4×7 Feet $999

If you want to build a modern luxurious HDB enterance

The Kato 2K Gate can enhance the HDB Door and Gate Project by combining lineal design with reflective surface – Commonly used by famous interior designers

You can see such design in high class restaurant and hotel lobby


HDB Glass Gate (Maximum Light Exposure)

3×7 Feet $899 4×7 Feet $999

Add $200 for fluted glass

If you design a nice interior designer Fire Rated main Door from us and do not want to block its design, you can choose glass gate

However do note that you need to switch on your air condition most of the time as no air will be flow into the house

The HDB glass gate is getting more and more popular, select by most interior designer


Kato 3D Laser Cut Gate
(A HDB Gate that delivers your precious moment)

3×7 Feet $899 4×7 Feet $999

Add $250 to customize your own design

Kato 3D laser cut gate is popular because it is fabricate by machine and therefore, you can hardly find any weilding joint

Kato 3D Gate look fabulous when you view it from a distance

We have more than 500 designs for you to choose

For customer who want a privacy gate, meanwhile having some air flow into your living room


Kato Simplify Laser Cut Gate
(Mix and match any 2 designs, up to 500 designs for you to choose)

3×7 Feet $699 4×7 Feet $799

My Digital Lock understand many customers want to have a simple HDB Gate with minimum design

Yet something that could deliver their precious moment at an affordable rate, Hence, we develop Kato Simplify Gate

Compared to other HDB Gate which is mild steel or wrought iron, the KATO Simplify HDB Gate is more modern and lesser wield joint

More Kato Simplify Gate Design is available in our showroom or catalogue


In House Laminate HDB Solid Bedroom Door (Wood Design)

Lowest Price and Match All HDB Door Factory Prices in Singapore from $299

Our HDB Door Factory have engage many Commercial and Condo Laminate Door Projects, hence we are able to order containers of laminate at lowest price in Singapore

Up to 80 wood laminate design for you to manufacture the HDB Bedroom Door

Interior Designer HDB Bedroom Door (3D Effect Design) from $399

All the latest HDB Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, also for the premium range, there is a 3D texture

Upgrade your bedroom door to even better

Add Additional Laminate Design at $200

(Free Stainless-Steel Line Worth $100, Gold, Black, Silver)


PD Slide and Swing HDB Toilet Door 2023 (Recommend by Most Interior Designers)

The traditional slide and swing toilet door is trackless with acrylic design

However, they are unable to install glass, louver or mirror which is the current trend for HDB toilet door

1. Fluted / Frosted Glass – More light can enter the toilet yet remain privacy $550 (Fluted add $50)

2. Louver type – for Air ventilation (Very Popular) $550

3. Mirror (Bronze, Black, Clear) – Install for HDB master bedroom for dressing $550

4. Normal Acrylic PD Door – simple design to match any renovation $399


Open Concept HDB Kitchen / Study room

Give us your floor plan and we can give you a quote at $40 PSF for open concept kitchen or study room, Only PD door is able to divide the room cost effectively, HP +65 9617 7025

Endorsed by Benz Hui

My President Hotel Quality Mattress Endorsed by Benz Hui

(Famous Hong Kong Movie Star)

Top 2 Mattress Recommendations Best Buy in Singapore

Blue Diamond – Icy Cooling Mattress
(No.1 Best Seller in Singapore)

7 Zone Pocket Spring
5 Star Hotel Quality Standard

My Hope Comfy Mattress
(Cloud Like Memory Foam with Huggable Feel)

5 Zone Pocket Spring
4 Star Hotel Quality Standard

Mattress Banner

Celebrities Choice of Mattress

Most of the famous Singapore celebrities have choose My President Hotel Quality Mattress as their favourite choice of mattress. 98% of the customers or celebrities are able to find their dream mattress at our showroom. My President Mattress is looking for more singaporean celebrities and folks to try our mattress.

“Affordable price with premium quality“
Digital Lock Door | Mattress Image
Digital Lock Door | Mattress Image
Digital Lock Door | Mattress Image
Digital Lock Door | Mattress Image

“Top Asia Hotel Which Our Factory Have Supplied”

These are all the top reputable hotel which our factory has supplied them. The entire well-known hotel is popular in their unique design mattress to assure you a beauty sleep during your holiday. We have to take in close to 5000 mattresses in order for the factory to partnership with us.

Our Promises

icon-warrenty | Digital Lock Door
10 Year Spring Warranty

If the mattress is sunk more than 3 cm, we will do a one to one exchange. As all our pocket spring were carefully tested through cyclic test as shown below.

Digital Lock Door | Icon Gaurentee
Life Time Guarantee

Even if you dirty your mattress, fabric faulty and any ways you have damage the mattress, we will provide a 30% discount for the replacement piece.

Otherwise you can trade in to upgrade to our premium range (We offer trade in of 40% of the purchase price and deduct into the premium mattress)

Digital Lock Door | Award Image

Visit our My President Mattress EXPO Today

Order Now and get it deliver within 24 hours



33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-60,
Singapore 408868

Daily: 10AM to 8PM

Office: 96177025
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Email: mydigitallock.sg@gmail.com



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83 Punggol Central, #B2-13,
Singapore 828761

Daily: 10AM to 8PM

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