Fire Rated Slide Arm Door Closer

If you want your digital lock to have a longer life span, the door closer is a compulsory

1. Protect your digital lock
(Prevent Heavy Door Slam)

Without a door closer, no warranty will be issued when you purchase any digital lock. This is because the digital lock can be damaged in less than a year due to repeated heavy door slamming.

The fire rated slide arm door closer will allow your door to close softly, protecting the motherboard of the digital lock.

2. Protect your kids

The door closer will slow down the speed at which the door closes, reducing the force exerted and ensuring that your child’s hand will not be caught while the door is closing.

3. Protect your HDB Main Door

For HDB main door that install door closer, it will protect the hinges and the door alignment will remain after the door installation.

Normal King Door Closer
(Unable to open door fully)


Silver Slide Arm Door Closer


Black Slide Arm Door Closer
(Most Popular)


Holds at 90 Degree – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
(Adjust any angle to become the maximum angle)

If you have an electric box or shoe cabinet at the back of your main door, we will set the angle to prevent the door from slamming the back of the door

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