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Money Not Enough 3 (2024)

The Locksmith (2023)

Wonderful Liang Xi Mei (2018)

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The King of Musang King (2023)

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Wonderful Liang Xi Mei (2018)

Money Not Enough 3 (2024)

My Digital Lock has been featured in Money Not Enough 3 (2024) , showcasing the Lenovo Face Recognition Gate Lock and Lenovo X5.

We are grateful to Director Jack Neo for giving us this opportunity to exhibit our Lenovo smart lock, especially after our company was forced to shut down in 2023

The Locksmith 2023

The Locksmith is the world’s first digital lock related movie, featuring renowned Hong Kong celebrities.

In the film, we showcase our EPIC 7G Designer Smartphone lock and introduced the Lenovo smart lock to Asia for the first time.

Follwing Singapore’s investment in this movie production, many countries began promotion the Lenovo smart lovk and became distributors.

Movie Production where we have insert our EPIC digital lock into the eye of everyone in the theater

We invited a hall full of My Digital Lock supporters to watch ‘The Locksmith’ at Shaw Orchard.

Additionally, we were able to invite some Hong Kong celebrities to take photos with our supporters.

Having a dinner at the top of the mountain with Benz Hui and Samantha ko

Wonderful Liang Xi Mei (2018)

This sponsorship marks our debut in a movie, showcasing our bedframe, door, gate and EPIC digital lock.

Following the movie, EPIC digital lock gained widespread recognition, heralding the start of our remarkable journey.

Director Jack Neo graciously offered his cherished character, Liang Xi Mei, to be our company’s brand ambassador. This character holds immense sentimental value for him and respresnts a nostalgic mamory for many.

His decision to align Liang Xi Mei with our brand is a testament to our shard values and vision.

The first time our Kato 3D laser cut gate appear on screen with our main door and EPIC digital lock

My Digital Lock have invite one of the old folk home elderlies to watch the wonderful Liang Xi Mei during Chinese New Year.

While I was getting married in oversea. My Staff have attend on my behalf

We try to give back to the community at our best effort to spread the joy to everyone

The King of Musang King (2023)

After the success of ‘Wonderful Liang Xi Mei’, Director Jack Neo, Hui Ge and Mark Lee have reunited to produce a Chinese New Year movie.

My Digital Lock was grateful to be invited to the mountain to enjoy durians with them and watch the movie production

Malaysia Movie Distributor
(Mega Film Production)

While shooting the movie, The locksmith in penang, My Digital Lock was invited to tour the movie museum which is open to private guest only

After learning from Mr Chee who have took photo and distribute most of the Hong kong movies

My Digital lock have decided to build the 1st digital lock musuem in Asia at Yishun

The Upgrade of My Digital Lock
Mobile Showroom 2018

We have upgraded our traditional digital lock mobile showroom to a Liang Xi Mei mobile showroom, allowing us t drive to various HDB estates to showcase our digital locks.

Thanks to Director Jack Neo, many people have had the opportunity to visit these mobile showrooms and make purchases