1. Collect 60% deposit or you drop the sales

I think this is also a very important lesson for all salesman. Therefore I would like to highlight in this chapter.

In all sales, do remember to collect at least 60% of the deposit otherwise drop the sales. Because most likely this type of customers are the robbers

2. Beware of customers who are kind or friendly

My years of experience tells me, those who are kind and friendly to you. Are people whom you are gonna be careful because something is not right.

They will act like an angle and say all the sweet things to you but when you deliver the goods to them.

This type of people 90% will make things difficult and reluctant to pay, otherwise they will only pay at a very low cost to close such case.

3. Robbers will make sure you are unable to get back money

These robbers will first ask you for discount. After getting a good price, they will ask you to commit a lot of stuff and record into the invoice.

Then they will find fault in all the pointers and make sure you will commit their orders.

Then they will pester you everyday with a new defects.

Which is almost impossible to touch up.

As you can see they really go all out to squeeze all the lame excuses not to pay the balance and rob you.


I would say, not all the sales you will earn. Definitely some of the deals profits you through experience rather than money.

This robbers would result in the 10% of the bad debt which you need to highlight across the industry

In the end, we couldn’t get back our gate or digital lock but $400 rather than $1000 balance.

Many would argue and chase over for this $600 balance. But I think, I should focus in other deals than wasting my time in this not profitable transaction.

Opportunity cost would be apply in this case.

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