Investment is the wisest way to get rich however I would say the last step you should do and not the first.

Everyone who begin with investment such as stock market or forex should know they need to have a backup capital. Unless your family background is rich otherwise this is the fastest way to become rich and bankrupt.

A lot of organisations set up forex, stock market or even trade gold. You might look at them as successful people or businessman. However, if they are success and rich why must they persuade you to invest?

If you are rich, will you still beg people to invest and prove you are rich? Also look at the amount of investment companies that claim they are successful. How many of them are left?

Today you might earn, tomorrow you might lose everything. This will become a gamble and this will make you lose connection to your families or friends.

Today you earn a handsome profit, you treat everyone nice but what if you lose 2k in a day? Do you still have mood to socialise with your peers?

Bottom line of the story, you should never let money control your feelings nor thought. Investment is only when you are experience or teach enough to place your bet.


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