80% of the Singaporean blame government for everything however they need to understand we cannot subsidies in car, flat anyhow as this will increase our tax and make business expensive to maintain

All businessman faces the same problem now, the levy is expensive so we cannot hire foreigners. Sadly, Singaporeans are demanding high wages and short working hours. Imagine you are the boss, how to survive?

The best way to survive is not to complain or wait for things to happen. We are educated and strong to make things happen however my generations are losing faith to set up business

I have came across some of the top businessman, people from government sectors and people from all kinds of trade and their experience. Therefore , if you are unsure about your path, you may consult me. I can develop a simple business structure to help you to earn a living

I still believe, setting up business to produce job is still the best option

Note: Avoid MLM (Multi Level Marketing)


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