Majority of the Salesman or Businessman Judge or Qualify their customer.

If he is a big buyer, you will offer him high quality service and if he dress up like a commoner you will basically ignore or try to stay away from them.

My Experience

I learnt this value from my condom supplier, his old and his son is reluctant to take over his business. One day he send his goods to my place himself and i ask him why did he deliver personally as the goods only worth $200+.

He told me, he still believes in the old practice. Today you might be a small business but no one knows tomorrow you will become successful. Also today you are successful doesn’t mean in future you will still be rich.

Time and fortune change and that’s why he treat all his customers as though they are big buyers and offer the same standard of service.

I am impress by his humble approach and decided to change my attitude. This is something books and lectures will not teach you – experiences…


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