When you wish to purchase digital lock, you need to consider the design at the first priority and then function

Because all you need is to under using fingerprint and use the auto lock feature

The rest of the function you will hardly use and whats important is whether the digital lock matches your HDB fire rated main door

In this project, the owner have invested by choosing a modern design marble laminate matches with black leather to highlight our KEYWE 360 push pull lock

This is one of the nicest push pull digital lock you can find in the market which allow you to scan the fingerprint at the tip of the handle

If you do not want to invest too much on your HDB fire rated main door, you can consider getting a plain interior designer main door with one laminate

As long as you choose the right digital lock, any type of HDB main door will match it perfectly

Especially when you choose this satin gold which is not  bright and the hairline paint design makes the push pull digital lock look luxurious

As you  can see, it matches dark or light wood design perfectly

Most important is whether to get a gate digital lock that matches this design


There will be one case, you do not know which type of color of digital lock matches which type of door

No worries, My Digital Lock have invented the EPIC Shine Smartphone digital lock

The mirror surface allows you to match with all types of HDB main door, also it is more affordable than the push pull digital lock with 1+2 years warranty

In Singapore, My Digital Lock is the only company that have the mirror surface  mortise digital lock so it is kind of unique and it have not spoil a single pieces out of 1000 lock sales so it is pretty stable

So if you have any enquires to get a replacement digital lock or a brand new hdb main door, you can visit our My Digital Lock showroom to build with us

We believe we have put in alot of effort in our projects, recruit enough manpower to support this business

My Digital lock is a serious company that improves our digital lock every year. The project speaks for itself

Thanks for all your support and my 2021, My Digital lock will expand to a manpower of 50 to cater all the demands and warranty support

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