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Epic Digital Lock + HDB Door And Gate Promotion 2022
Satin Gold Epic Digital Lock + HDB Door And Gate Promotion 2022
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IVERTU Design Main Door 2022

IVERTU Design Main Door 2022

In 2022, My Digital Lock have develop a series of Vertu design door for HDB main door and bedroom

Many customers whom visit My Digital Lock, want to customize a HDB door that is unique and yet trendy

When you purchase IVERTU smartphone from our Mega Store, we will less $500 for these vertu design doors

IVERTU Design Main Door Version 2 (Top Marble Design)

IVERTU Design Main Door Version 2 (Top Marble Design)

You can also customize other laminate for the top portion instead of following exactly the same as the IVERTU Smartphone design

Our door designers have some suggestions to enhance this project even further

EPIC 7G Designer Digital Door Lock

EPIC 7G Designer Digital Door Lock to Match Vertu Design Door

(Recommended by Benz Hui, Hong Kong Movie Star)

In 2022, My Digital Lock is the first digital lock company in the world to develop the 4-season digital Lock

Now you can choose a digital lock that fits into your new door design and according to your house theme

Unlimited Trade in to another Colour at $250 Only

During the 3 years, if you want to change to another colour, we offer a trade in of $250 only. A brand-new digital lock, with transportation to replace and does programming

In 2022, we aim to build a digital lock where technology, fashion and security are all present

My Digital Lock EPIC Designer Series Digital Lock

Upgrade to fire rated door (Add $400 More)

fire rated door installation

Worth $300 with installation

upgrade fire rated door installation

Worth $100 with installation


Step 1

In 2022, after you purchase a fire rated door, we will give you a fire rated Briton European mortise lock, a Briton fire rated door closer and Schlage thumb turn cylinder with 3 keys

Fire Door Seal is also included in the purchase, therefore when there is a fire breakout, the rubber seal will explode to seal off the gap between door frame and door to prevent fire from leaking out

Step 2

The $400 fee, include submission of the fire certificate

Step 3

You will receive a fire door sticker, paste onto your door and receive a fire certificate for your door with address and name stated on it

This fire rated certificate will be required when you are selling away your house next time or claim for fire insurance when there is a fire breakout

Top 3 Projects for Fire Rated Door-3
Top 3 Projects for Fire Rated Door
Top 3 Projects for Fire Rated Door-2

Top 3 Projects for 2021

In 2022, We wish that our home owners can venture with us to break the trend. In the past, the digital lock colour were restricted to black and satin gold only

Therefore, we have build a series of leather design in different colours so that we can innovate something unique that is not found in Singapore yet

Also with the KATO 2K gold gate, we believe that something amazing is gonna happen in the door and gate industry


All the latest HDB Main Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, Price from $699 Onwards

Our HDB Door designer have design the HDB Main Door with the latest trend to match with the latest Smartphone Digital lock from KEYWE, EPIC and Samsung

Marble Style

High Quality Wood Grain Design

Modern Design with Simplicity


Veneer HDB Main Door is affordable however, it is seldom used by the HDB or condo since 2016 as it is difficult to maintain

Veneer HDB Main Door is not scratch or water resistance, and you have to pay door painters to vanish the veneer door yearly to maintain its brand-new look

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs are highly not recommended

Note: Veneer HDB Main Door colours will reduce when expose to sunlight


Laminate Door is the most popular and high in demand for HDB Main Door and Bedroom as the choice of laminate can match your renovated house theme easily

In order to enhance the HDB Main Door even further, the glossy or matt surface is also important, visit our showroom today to find out more

1. Water Resistance

The Interior Designer Laminate HDB Main Door can withstand rainfallfrom slashing onto it

As Laminate have a layer of protection against water, some is even anti-Bacteria

2. Scratch Resistance (Pet Friendly)

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs, Laminate HDB Main Door is highly recommended

As to prevent pets from scratching against the door to leave scars,Matt surface would be highly recommended

3. Sound Resistance

With full solid HDB Main Door, sound will be absorb and stopped partially, prevent it to penetrate into the HDB

4. No Maintenance

As long as you don’t use heavy or sharp objects to knock against the door

5. Weight Resistance

All our Laminate HDB Main Door or Bedroom Door is Full Solid, Hence you are able to install door closer or clothes hanger at the back of the door




Build the most Luxurious HDB bedroom Door with us

Vertu Door-1

Vertu Design Laminate Bedroom Door (2022 NEW!!!)
At $599 Each – Minimum 2 Pieces

(Free 4 Golden Stainless-Steel Lines worth $200 and Additional Laminate worth $200)

If you are looking for a unique and fashionable laminate bedroom door, you can visit our showroom to build this door with us

It’s a simple design where you can choose 2 different tones of laminate to match it.

On top of the design, our showroom has a series of high-quality bedroom lever handle to build the best HDB bedroom door for you

VERTU Design door
VERTU Design door (2)
VERTU Design door (3)
Vertu Door-5
Vertu Door-4
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Germany Tubular Door Core for HDB Bedroom Door

Many Door Factory in Singapore claim that their HDB bedroom door is solid or full solid, however they are unable to install the clothes hanger at the back of their HDB bedroom door

Our Laminate HDB Bedroom Door uses the Germany tubular door core to create an intensive structure to create weight resistance, which allows you to install the hook system and reduce the noise, watch the YouTube to understand more

1. Sound Resistance 2. Full Solid 3. Weight Resistance (Able to Hung Clothes) 4. Prevent Wrapping (Door Panel Bend inwards) 5. Water Resistance

Beware of Melamine Laminate Bedroom Door

(Non-Water Resistance)

Many door factories from the same company have set up many new Facebook page to retail laminate HDB bedroom door at low cost

However, these laminate HDB bedroom door were build using melamine laminate which is toxic on the surface and not water resistance

Therefore, these bedroom doors will be whopped inwards after 2 years later and hence they do not cover warranty such as popping out laminate

My Digital Lock have decided not to retail such bedroom door after receiving huge warranty and replacement of HDB bedroom door

In House Laminate HDB Solid Bedroom Door (Wood Design)

Lowest Price and Match All HDB Door Factory Prices in Singapore from $299

Our HDB Door Factory have engage many Commercial and Condo Laminate Door Projects, hence we are able to order containers of laminate at lowest price in Singapore

Up to 80 wood laminate design for you to manufacture the HDB Bedroom Door

Interior Designer HDB Bedroom Door (3D Effect Design) from $399

All the latest HDB Door laminate in Singapore will be updated in our showroom every month, also for the premium range, there is a 3D texture

Our HDB Door designer have design the HDB Door with the latest trend to match with the latest bedroom lever handle such as Korea Push Push Lock

Designer Push Push Bedroom Lock (Child Safe)

Free 1 Pieces when purchase of Bedroom doors worth $88-99

No Key holes involve, you can lock the bedroom door by pressing the pin at the back

For unlock, you can either pull from the back of the door or use a pin to poke through the front unit

In Korea, this type of bedroom lock is very popular due to its design, color and prevents kids from
accidentally lock the bedroom lock from inside

To further enhance the interior designer bedroom door, many HDB owners would prefer something
unique just like the push push lock for their HDB bedroom door

Which Push Push Lock would you prefer?

Germary Design BM Bedroom Handle
Only for New Bedroom Door $88-99 (Exclusive to My Digital Lock )

In 2021, My Digital Lock have decided to bring in more premium lever handle to enhance our bedroom door

Many customers are looking for quality laminate bedroom door however they have not much selection on the lever handle

Therefore, we have decided to target customers whom go for quality and design

Afterall, this BM lever handle is a long term investment

Digital Lock Door | Germany Design Bedroom Lock

BM Copper Gold

Digital Lock Door | Germany Design Bedroom Lock

BM Absolute Black

Digital Lock Door | Germany Design Bedroom Lock

BM Silver

Upgrade your bedroom door to even better

Add Additional Laminate Design at $200

(Free Stainless Steel Line Worth $100, Gold, Black, Silver)

We strongly encourage HDB owners to innovate their HDB bedroom door with us, as we are looking for new projects for 2020/2021

Skilled door installers will be hired to ensure a good quality workmanship.

Otherwise Just add Stainless Lines at $100 Only

My Digital Lock Door Factory have gold, black and silver, up to 4 lines for you to innovate your
bedroom door

If adding additional laminate design is expesive and you do not want something that is complicated

You can meet up with our HDB door designer to discuss on the line design you wish to design for
your HDB bedroom door

My Digial Lock Door Factory is looking for more new projects to increase our profile

By doing so, we have import many new and outstanding push push lock design or bedroom lever
handle lock to enhance the HDB bedroom door to the next level

Veneer HDB Main Door from $299

Veneer HDB Door is affordable however, it is seldom used by the HDB or condo since 2016 as it is difficult to maintain

Veneer HDB Bedroom Door is not scratch or water resistance, and you have to pay door painters to vanish the veneer door yearly to maintain its brand-new look

Especially for HDB owners whom keep cats and dogs are highly not recommended

Note: Veneer Bedroom Main Door colors will fade off slowly after 2 years

 Auto Seal

Door Seal

BEST Selling Expose Door Seal is popular amongst the BTO HDB, EC and Condo in Singapore

As it prevents insects or dust to pass through the gap at the bottom of your HDB fire rated door

Especially for new develop areas where flyers and dust are all over due to surrounding massive renovations

Also for HDB owners whom wants to prevent water from leaking into your living room due to heavy rain or washing of corridoor

Conecal Drop Seal at $180

If you purchase HDB bedroom door from us, you can add the conceal drop seal as we can add it into the bedroom door when we are manufacturing the door

Once the bedroom door is complete, then you can only purchase the expose drop seal for your bedroom door or hdb main door

Majority of the bedroom door is getting the authetic drop seal, visit our showroom to understand more


Drop Seal for Bedoom Door Advantages

As for HDB bedroom door, the drop seal allows you to block off the light left by the living room and prevent aircon leak

Most importantly, the drop seal will prevent any sounds from entering the room to create a enclose quiet environment for you to take a good rest


Drop Seal for 3×7 Feet Single Leaf HDB Main DoorDrop Seal for 3×7 Feet Single Leaf HDB Main Door Sale!
Drop Seal for 4×7 Feet Double Leaf HDB Main DoorDrop Seal for 4×7 Feet Double Leaf HDB Main Door Sale!
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HDB Bomb Shelter Door Sticker

3D Vinyl HDB Door Sticker for
HDB Bomb Shelter $180, Ventilator Hood $40,
Main Door $250,
Bedroom Door $190,
For Back Side Add $100 More

My Digital Lock only use high quality print materials and inks, and print using cutting edge printers operated by our skilled team of large print specialists.

We aim to provide an unbeatable service from start to finish, with fast and simple ordering processes, high-
quality print results that you can count on, and prices that won’t be beaten on value for money.

Customise Your Own Design at $30 only

Provide us a high-resolution photo. For example, wedding photo / pet photo Our door magnet decal is made to measure accordingly to your door dimensions. The replaceable vinyl decal can also be changed whenever you want and the design can also be fully customised accordingly.

Choose Any Design for FREE When purchase our HDB Bomb Shelter Sticker

Popular and Best-Selling Design

Religious Design (Hot!!!)

Pattern Design

digital lock site

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Buy Door @ My Digital Lock. Call 9067 7990


HDB Toilet Door | Selling PVC Toilet Door 2 Fold

2 Fold From $380

HDB Toilet Door | Selling PVC Toilet Door 3 Fold

3 Fold from $880

HDB Toilet Door | Selling PVC Toilet Door 4 Fold

4 Fold  $1280

Why Choose Slide & Swing Toilet Door?

1. Save Space

Suitable for small toilet for BTO or resale HDB, as the door reduce 50% of the size when close

2. Waterproof

Slide and Swing Toilet door is made of PVC plastic, hence it is waterproof

3. Trackless (Top and bottom) – Child Safe

Unlike the traditional PVC bi-fold toilet door, it does not have track for the top and bottom

So, to prevent you from kick onto the bottom track when leaving the toilet

4. Easy Maintenance

Durable mechanism to allow you to close and open the door more than 10,000 times without faulty

5. Magnetic closing

When you push the slide and swing toilet door to the frame, the magnet will suck it to the frame.

Which allows you to ensure the toilet door is fully close before locking take place

Top Up $20 to upgrade to Black Powder Coat Frame

Majority of the new BTO HDB and Condo will use this type of toilet door as it is more space saving and durable

In our showroom, we display all types of design for you to mix and match to build your dream toilet door

Our Door Factory will match all best price for slide and swing PVC toilet door in Singapore

HDB Toilet Door | Slide and Swing PVC Door
HDB Toilet Door | Slide and Swing PVC Door

Enclosed Kitchen Concept for BTO from $1300

Many BTO HDB and Condo is adopting the enclose kitchen concept with the Slide and Swing PVC Door as it allows maximum view to see through The Slide and Swing PVC Door allows you to increase the opening space to enter into your kitchen

It is a more affordable choice for BTO HDB or New Condo than uses aluminium or mild steel

Our Door designers will assist you to build all kitchen concept to match with your PVC Slide and Swing Toilet Door

HDB Toilet Door | Slide and Swing PVC Door

Complete solutions for your new enclose concept with slide and swing ( From $1280 onwards )

If you have your own concept, visit our showroom to discuss with us, we match all best price in Singapore





Choose Any Simple Design Slide and Swing Toilet Door at $350 Each, Minimum 2 Pieces

Mix and Match Any Design Slide and Swing Toilet Door at $399, And 2 pieces at $750

HDB Toilet Door | Free White and Grey Frame

(Free White and Grey Frame)

HDB Toilet Door | Upgrade to Black Frame

(Upgrade to Black Frame at $20 Each)

HDB Toilet Door | Mydigitallock
HDB Toilet Door | Mydigitallock
HDB Toilet Door | Mydigitallock
HDB Toilet Door | Mydigitallock
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Marble Stone-Kerb-for-Glass-Shower-screen

Marble Stone Kerb for Glass Shower screen at $250 Only

For most BTO HDB, you would need to find solutions to install a kerb before engaging to install the glass shower screen

Now, we have a solution by installing the marble stone kerb at a more affordable price

The marble stone comes in 4 colours for you to choose to match your bathroom design

Black Frame Kitchen Glass Door $1050

You can add $100 to upgrade to expose floor spring which allows you to soft close your kitchen glass door

With the black frame, the glass door will look more visible to prevent from clashing onto the glass door, otherwise you can add the safety film at $100


Black Powder Coat L Shape Shower Screen $869

The modern looking showerscreen with high quality sliding track, which is important.

In 2019, more BTO HDB owners will prefer this type of showerscreen to match their house design

Black Frame Glass Straight Showerscreen / Swing Glass Door $720

The most affordable glass showroom and now with black glass accessories

The glass accessories we used are well powdercoat with good quality finishing


Black Sliding Glass Showroom Screen $720

Besides the top glass shower screen track is black, we also have black frame surrounding it.

For more glass showerscreen customization, visit our showroom to view all glass door




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My Digital Lock stores offer the most competitive prices in Singapore. We provide top quality digital lock solutions without breaking your budget.

Extensive Selection

We offer a diverse range of digital lock solutions that best suits your specific needs. Be it biometric, keyless or Bluetooth-enabled locks, we have a wide selection.

Quality Assurance

Quality and durability are our priority; our digital locks undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards. We ensure that you are not only getting a great deal but also a reliable and secure solution.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts is available to guide you through the selection process. We’re dedicated to helping you make the right choice for your home’s security needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure customer satisfaction is our priority; we strive to exceed your expectations regarding service, installation and product performance.

No Hidden Cost

We Absorb 9% GST and 3% Credit Card charges.

Deliver within 24 hours

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