My Digital Lock style may look similar with some companies as many competitors have hired, employee our My Digital Lock employee with a higher salary or opening a new company to let them run

Hence many trade secrets are been spread across, however our competitors whom sell digital lock, hdb door and HDB gate does not improve  as time past

In My Digital lock 2019, our digital lock are unable to unlock using smartphone, bluetooth, WI-FI or even 4G

Also many HDB Gate designs were drawn and exclusive to My Digital Lock as we have the copyrights and also we are drawing new Laser cut gate at affordable prices from $680 onwards

For fire rated HDB Door, My Digital Lock have also develop a series of new design held under this blog album,

As long as many customer still support us, our team can continue to expand and sustain the warranty support for the digital lock, Gateman, Samsung, EPIC and Keywe Smartphone digital lock 

​Call 98440884 for our Mobile Showroom to drive down to show you the latest HDB Door and Gate Design with the latest digital lock 

Five Greatest Features 
1. Unlock using Bluetooth (keywe app) 
2. Unlock using Wi-Fi using bridge at $50 
3. 100 fingerprint 
4. Up to 100 card, 4 given 
5. Password
Mobile app Features 
A) Time attendance 
B) Invite guest give guest code 
C) Smart open when you walk near the digital lock
Able to delete individual fingerprint and card 
With 1+2 years warranty
Unlock both door and gate using mobile phone or fingerprint 

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