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Gateman Z10 Digital Lock Hook can be installing onto sliding door and normal swing door

Gateman Z10 Fingerprint digital lock is one of the best sellers in 2017 in My Digital Lock, however majority of the customers are looking at digital lock with smartphone features


Disadvantage (Not Covered under Warranty)

The Silver part of the Gateman Z10 will corrode under the humid weather, and hence it is not covered under warranty

After 2017, we receive many feedback and offers trade in to our EPIC 5G Digital Lock

Note: All the digital lock with the silver and shinny parts are expose to corrosion, with will incurred less than a year

Difficult to Break Lock

If Gateman Z10 digital lock is faulty, we are unable to break the digital lock without hurting the door frame

As even if we destroy the lock, the back unit will be still in a hook position.

Therefore, you need to prepare a big damage on your door frame in such cases, However we do offer repair services


1 Year Parts Warranty

We cover parts warranty against manufacturing defect for the first year with $80 per transport trip

We have stopped importing this model as it was last sold in the 2018

We would suggest customer to get a newer model in order to have a stronger coverage in warranty in the future

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