A HDB Gate that delivers your precious moment

Kato 3D gate is still one of the most iconic gate in My Digital Lock.

All you need is to give us any design or image and our designer will customise for you at $250.

These 2 gates are one of the most complex project that we have ever done. As you can see the owner have send us a lot of photos.

Our designer need to arrange them neatly and also to ensure the gate looks real from far.

Privacy Gate with our Interior Designer Main Door 

My Digital Lock only recommend our customers to use those premium laminate used by the top design firm to build your HDB main door.

With our EPIC digital lock, you can develop many nice projects with us.

Retro Mild Steel Gate

In 2022, the retro mild steel gate have revive its popularity.

Many designers have start to recommend their client to use it for commercial.

If you don’t want the gate to look too old fashion, maybe you can consider to add something high tech onto it.

For example our EPIC digital lock.

Mild Steel gate with Glass

This type of glass mild steel gate is getting popular as many customers would want to have maximum visibility and yet have a divider for your living room so that they can turn on the air conditioner.

However, if you never turn on the air con, your whole house will feel extremely hot or humid as this type of gate does not provide air ventilation.

I would strongly discourage our consumers from getting it unless you have a pet at home and wants to prevent it from escape .

Some of the most popular HDB gate in 2022

The main purpose of having a Hdb gate is to make sure your house have the maximum air ventilation.

Also the choice of the colour of gate digital lock is also important.

In Singapore, My Digital Lock is the only company that carries 24k gold platted, satin gold and space grey.

We hope to build more promising project this year, visit our MEGA store today at Yishun, Macpherson and Bukit Batok to view some of the latest gate design in the market.

A close look at our EPIC gate lock

2K Gold Laser Cut HDB Gate at $880/980

If you like something that is gold and shinny, you can visit our showroom to view this master piece.

It is something special and My Digital Lock is the first company that build such an interesting gate at factory price.

This 2k Gold gate were build to match with our EPIC 24K gold platted digital lock.


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