24 Hours Break Lock Services

Most of the customers whom bought from other digital lock companies will face problem when their digital lock is faulty

As most of the digital lock companies will ignore the break lock or cover the 24-hour support due to lack of manpower

When your Korea Samsung or Gateman Digital lock break down, you can contact My Digital Lock even if you are not our customer

Replacement of Digital Lock ( After Break Lock )

After we destroy the Gateman, Hione or Samsung Digital Lock Parallel Import, we are unable to use mechanical key lock to replace the holes anymore

Therefore, we offer 10% discount for a brand new lock set, If our digital lock is too expensive, you can ask for a cheaper price at 1 year warranty or No warranty

If we break the digital lock, and installation of digital lock on the separate day, we will charge extra for the second trip and not responsible if any property lost or damage within this period of time

Because once we break open, you will have no more lock to secure your door, and we will settle everything within one trip

Chances of Break Lock

(Show Identification Card to Proof as owner for non My Digital Lock Customer)

My Digital lock provide locksmith services and break digital lock services in 24 hour for Samsung Rim Digital Lock, Gateman Z10 / F20 digital lock and other rim digital lock

If you could not contact the seller whom sell, you’re the digital lock or got ignore by other digital lock seller

Do call My Digital Lock, we will provide break lock services and offer you a discount on the brand-new digital lock

After we destroy the Samsung or Gateman Digital Lock, you can purchase our EPIC latest 5G digital lock for a immediate replacement

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