Innovate the nicest door with us before price increase

As you know in 2022, most of the laminates supply have increase the cost by 20%, and even though there is a increase in cost.

The demand still did not slow down, hence you might not be able to get the laminate design you wish if you order it too late.

Same goes to our digital lock, we have ran out of stock since Feb until May due to the shortage of semi conductor which is a global problem.

Enhance your bedroom door with the Germany Design Bedroom Lever Handle $99

This lever handle was a modify from a famous Germany hardware design.

The original lock in mortise with solid material cost $900 SGD.

Now you can get a similar concept lock at a reasonable price.

​Something which you invest and will make your bedroom door real special.

Kato Laser Cut Gate

The beauty of laser cut gate is that it involve less wielding and the design looks more trendy.

However, it is important to choose the right colour to bring out its full potential.

2K Gold Kato Gate

This is one of our signature laser cut gate which all our competitors could not do.

The gold plated have a shiny surface which enhance the gate design.

You can match this HDB gate with our EPIC satin gold digital lock or 24k gold plated gate lock.

2022 New Gate Trend , Mild Steel Gate with Glass

For Hdb owners who wants maximum visibility and like to turn on air conditioner most of the time.

However, we would not recommend it as it will cut off the air ventilation for the living room.

Normal Design Mild Steel Gate

If you think the above design gate are too flashy.

My Digital Lock also build the normal design gate which is popular among the market.

Beside nice gate ? My Digital Lock also build nice design HDB door 

Best Design Digital Lock in the Market

You can build nice HDB door and gate from some companies

However none of them have a nice design digital lock at affordable price with 1+2 years warranty

So far, I have been in this digital lock business for 13 years and we have build all these digital lock carefully to build some of the nicest project in Singapore

Do continue to support My Digital Lock


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