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Door Passion Door Factory supply and install
HDB Fire Rated Door and Bedroom Door for HDB Flats, BTO and Condo with Yale Gateman, EPIC and Samsung Digital Door Lock


 ANTI Fungus HDB Fire Rated and Bedroom Door in 2017

 In 2017, Many HDB Owners looking for Veneer Bedroom Door and HDB Fire Rated Door to replace with their existing doors as most of the door were infected with fungus or in bad condition

 The cheap veneer bedroom door sold in the market, used cheap door core which is not totally dried to kill the bacteria or fungus that is hidden inside

 Alternative, they used the door taken from the previous HDB owner, refurbish and paste over with laminate or veneer skin


 ANTI Fungus Door Series using solid anti bacteria wood door core

 MY DIGITAL LOCK Door Factory only use brand new wood door core with no moisture inside before we manufacture the HDB Fire Rated Doors , Bedroom Door, Toilet Door in Veneer, Laminate, Timber, Nyatoh

 My Digital Lock launch Anti Fungus HDB Door match with our Samsung and EPIC Japan Digital Door Lock


 Designers for Anti Fungus HDB Fire Rated and Bedroom Door

 Also we have interior designer to mix and match different laminate carpentry to match along with your laminate door for HDB main door or bedroom

 Visit our My Digital Lock Door Showroom to give us some feedbacks on the type of modern veneer or laminate door you desired for your HDB main door. We sell both fire rated door and normal solid door

 My Digital Lock Door Factory supply and install Yale Gateman, Epic and Samsung Digital Lock Onto customize Fire Rated Main Door and Bedroom Door for HDB Flats, BTO and Condo with the matching of Vinyl Flooring and Designer Gate, the entire project looks awesome



 My Digital Lock Door Factory is surrounded by majority of the veneer Skin Company and laminate company

 Therefore, we can purchase the material and build your veneer door for HDB Fire Rated Door and Bedroom door as soon as 2 days to deliver during off peak season and 4 days for peak session

 For Yale Gateman, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock we can install within 24 hours of purchase


MY DIGITAL LOCK Door Factory supply and install TUBAO Premium Veneer Door

(Used in Singapore Airline, Bank of CHINA, Marina Bay Sand)



TUBAO Veneer HDB Fire Rated Door (Premium)

Single Leaf $950

Double Leaf $1350


TUBAO Veneer HDB Bedroom Door (Premium)




TUBAO HDB Fire Rated Door (Premium)

Two Design with Stainless Steel Stripe

Single Leaf $1100

Double Leaf $1499


TUBAO Bedroom Door (Premium)

Two Design with Stainless Steel Stripe




TUBAO Veneer is highly recommend to use for HDB Fire Rated Main and Bedroom Door in Singapore

TUBAO they use only premium quality under ISO and certify by GREEN LABEL SINGAPORE

Most of the cheap veneer Doors looks FAKE in wood grain and the colour will drop off easily after a few years

Therefore only the top industries doors and renovation, such as Singapore AIRLINE, Bank of China, and Marina Bay Sand Hotel choose TUBAO Veneer







Project Reference

Food and Beverage

  • SakaeSushi
  • Spinelli
  • Pitapan
  • SkylineOrchard


  • SevenPalmsSentosa
  • Leonie Parc
  • RitzCarltonResidence

Retail Commercial

  • SingaporeAirlines
  • BankOfChina
  • BankOfNewYork
  • CommerzBank
  • SuntecCityMall
  • EuYanSang


  • Movenpick Sentosa
  • Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Marina Bay Sands (On-going)
  • Shangarila (On-going)
  • The Pine
  • Mercure
  • Novotel
  • Hilton Colombo
  • iBIS

Office Commercial

  • Unilever
  • GSK
  • CreditSuisse
  • DSO
  • CathayPacific



Corporate Information

Incorporated Since 2010

  • Head Office: Singapore
  • Distribution Office: Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia
  • Factory: Offshore (Asia)
  • Factory Certificates: Green Label, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, FSC
  • Core Product: Engineered Wood Veneer, Fancy Plywood
  • Secondary Products: Natural Veneer, HPL (internal use), UV Panel



A 000523

Environmentally Improves
Low Emission Low Toxicity







Rabbit Swing Door – For Toilet At $350 each, Minimum 2 Door


Rabbit Swing Door is similar to the PD door in the market that is suitable for BTO HDB Toilet Door, Kitchen Door and to divide different rooms apart

Rabbit door is light and can be fold easily to save space

Most importantly it does not have track for top and bottom for easy maintenance and to prevent elderly or kids to trip over and fall

Rabbit Swing Door comes in 60 design, and replaces your existing toilet frame to grey and white

For Black frame we will add $100 extra

Below are some of the project we have completed






Squirrel Laminate Bedroom Door (Minimum 3 Doors)

Single Design $299

Add Stainless Steel $50

Add Second Design $50


We have a total of 6 Designs of Squirrel Laminate Bedroom Door, they are

1. Water Resistant Door

2. Anti-Scratch Door

3. Solid Door

4. Anti- Fungus Door

Normal Laminate Bedroom Door cost $399 per piece, and this is much affordable than the usual laminate door

Because the factory have ordered a huge quantity of squirrel laminate bedroom door to achieve this price

Squirrel laminate bedroom door is highly encourage for BTO HDB owners whom have kids or pet, as high chances they will hit the door and create scratches

You may visit our door showroom to compare the difference




Normal Veneer Door – Used by all Door Factories and contractor


My Digital Lock Door Factory also carries Veneer Door at factory price; these veneer wood grains are not as real as the TUBAO Veneer

These types of veneer doors are normally used by the contractors or door factory across Singapore for consumers who just need a simple door without high expectation

The Door core we used to build this door will be solid, to ensure it is sound resistance and prevent from denting in

In My Digital Lock, we work closely with our veneer suppliers to deliver you with the latest design for HDB Fire Rated Door and Bedroom Door in the market



EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock for HDB Fire Rated Door is the most popular buy in Singapore

With purchase or Veneer Door and Laminate Door for HDB main door, your whole HDB Home will look awesome

Visit MY DIGITAL LOCK Showroom today to get the latest digital lock with your HDB Door


EPIC Rim Digital Lock is suitable for Veneer Door and Laminate Door for HDB Bedroom

Bedroom door that install EPIC Digital Lock is normally to prevent house keeper or maid from entering the important rooms

HDB owners whom rent out their HDB or condo, may also look at this as alternative








MY DIGITAL LOCK has put in consistent effort to design many interior designer doors for HDB owners

Veneer door and Laminate door, for Fire Rated main door or bedroom door for HDB with the combination of EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock

The Whole HDB Door and Gate will look impressive with the beauty of digital lock






MY Digital Lock bedroom door or solid veneer door actually uses door that is used for project

Therefore, our entire veneer door are very heavy and sound resistance

Also our door factory uses fire rated material to produce these door, the material used are commonly found in all the new BTO HDB or Condo

We can produce any HDB Fire rated door in 2 days upon measurement exclude Sat, Sunday and Public Holiday



Vinyl Flooring for HDB is very common in BTO HDB or condo nowadays

However, you need to modify the veneer door for bedroom or main door in order to install

Such modification can be quiet expensive, therefore majority will purchase our veneer bedroom door along with the vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring we carried have low range and high quality ones with over 60 different colours from various suppliers for you to choose