Veneer HDB Bedroom Door



Veneer HDB Bedroom Door ( Up to 100 Designs)

Veneer is an engineer wood with dyed color, hence it still have the properties of wood element

Once the veneer do not have the lacquer the color will fade away and crack might occur

Therefore, after 2017, this type of door have been seldom sold across the market due to the maintenance and wood properties

Also any slight knocking or scratches by pets will leave a deep scar on the veneer door. However you can recover them by sanding the surface and vanish the entire HDB Main Door

All the veneer wood color can be found in our showroom for you to customize your door to match into your renovation

Discontinue in the market soon

As veneer is getting less popular, the skin and the types of color may discontinue and also different batch of veneer , color or grain might be different

Therefore in future if you want us to warranty the door, or to make additional pieces, we might face some difficulties

7% GST Absorb + 3% Credit Card Charges Waived

All Door factories either charge GST seperately or does not accept VISA payment.

We do not want to add in hidden cost to make you unhappy

Also we try to match all best price in the market with lots more to offer

$100 Discount on HDB Main Door with Purchase of Any Digital Lock

We encourage everyone to get a digital lock when they purchase a new HDB Main Door as the door is brand new

$1000 Discount Reward + Free Gifts (Exclusive)

  1. $100 discount with purchase of Any Digital Lock
  2. $50 discount on HDB Gate or Gate Digital Lock
  3. $200 Discount on My President Mattress
  4. $50 discount with purchase of HDB Main Door
  5. $50 Discount with Purchase of Toilet Slide and Swing Door
  6. Any purchase more than $2000, will receive a Free Deposit Safe Box worth $149
  7. Any Purchase more than $3000 will receive a Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
  8. Any Purchase more than $4000 will receive a Free Mattress / a Free Digital Lock
  9. $100 Discount on any Fire Rated Safe
  10. $100 Discount on Massage Chair

Add Additional Veneer of your Choice at $200

( Free Stainless Steel Lines worth $100-200)

We encourage HDB owners to design the nicest HDB Main door with us as we are looking towards to build more designers HDB main door

To enhance our EPIC Smartphone digital lock

Therefore, we decided to waived off the stainless steel lines charges to encourage you to build the nicest HDB Door in Singapore

Since you have intend to invest to beautify your HDB enterance by changing the HDB Door and Gate, we shall assist you all the way

HDB Bedroom Door Accessories

  1. Hinges
  2. PVC Magnetic Stopper
  3. Round Knob

HDB Bedroom Door Price Inclusive of

A. Measurement of Door

B. Installation of HDB Bedroom Door

C. Disposal of old door for FREE (Worth $30)

2 Years Warranty for HDB Bedroom Door

We warranty the laminate will not pop up due to usage of cheap glue and door from falling down

However wear and tear / scratches are not part of warranty

Painting / Vanish of HDB door frame (Goodwill)

$120 First Door Frame , $80 for the subsequent HDB door frame

You can pay directly to the painter. As we only engage experience painter

Add $100 for Gold, Black and Silver Stainless Steel Design (Up to 4 Lines)

My Digital Lock have developed the gold and black stainless steel lines which is not commonly found across the market in Singapore

The Gold stainless Steel lines is very rare and will beautify the interior designer main door

Visit our showroom to discuss with our door designer