Samsung SHP DP739 Digital Lock (Produce in 2018)


Samsung SHP DP739 Digital Lock


  1. 100 Fingerprints
  2. Password
  3. 2 Key
  4. Door Bell function


Samsung SHP DP739 Digital Lock have discontinued production in CHINA hence there will be no warranty support for this digital lock.

Now Samsung have sold away their business to Zig bang. For customers who are interested, we can import this digital lock and install for you. However, this Samsung digital lock is an old model and all digital lock are not carrying it due to the high defect rate we experience in the past.

For customers who insist to have the Samsung logo, we can source and install for you however the stock is produced in 2018. As this model have discontinue in the market for more than 3 years.

In My Digital Lock, we can source any digital lock as long as you like the model. However, for digital lock that is not produce anymore or old model, it is impossible for any digital lock company to warranty without spare parts.

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We will cover the basic 1-year warranty for installation service or manufacturing defects.

However, if you use the digital lock and find the quality is not responsive or up to your standard, we can trade in to our Lenovo digital lock.

Trade in within 1st Year to Lenovo digital lock at $150.

Trade in after 1st year to Lenovo digital lock at $100.