Cheapest Fingerprint RIM Lock – C10

$ 399.00 $ 250.00

Cheapest Fingerprint RIM Lock – C10


  1. Face Recognition
  2. 100 Fingerprints
  3. Password
  4. 2 Key


Note: This glass digital lock is battery consuming, because of the face recognition feature. Warranty does not cover for battery consuming.

We import and price because there are customer looking for this glass digital lock. However, in China, face recognition digital lock technology is not stable yet.

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We will cover the basic 1-year warranty for installation service or manufacturing defects.

However, if you use the digital lock and find the quality is not responsive or up to your standard, we can trade in to our Lenovo digital lock.

Trade in within 1st Year to Lenovo digital lock at $150.

Trade in after 1st year to Lenovo digital lock at $100.

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