Moorgen T5 Swarovski Crystal Digital Lock (Metallic Gun Grey)


Moorgen T5 Swarovski Crystal Digital Lock
(Metallic Gun Grey)

The Moorgen T5 Pro boasts one of the most advanced and responsive face recognition systems, enabling unlocking even in total darkness. It features a Swarovski Crystal button at the back and an ultra clear door viewer display, allowing you to see who’s outside.

Suitable for all Condo Fire Rated Main Door

It’s the best option for condo customers who prefer a long handle and desire a luxurious digital lock. Unlike the T9, the key insertion point is at the center of the lock , making it suitable for installation in the majority of condos.

Unlock in Total Darkness (New)

While the design might appear simple, the materials used and the quality have impressed many customers, leading them to purchase this digital lock. The T5 allows you to unlock in darkness using either finger pulse or face recognition, ensuring you can unlock the door even in total darkness.

2 Hours Fire Rated

More durable than other digital lock which makes Moorgen suitable for all commercial projects

T5+ Series

Elegant yet Techy Smart Door Lock

Elegant yet Techy

Moorgen T5+ Series is a elegantly designed Smart Door Lock equipped with techy features

Open the Way You Like

6 Ways to Unlock

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series is configured with 6 door unlocking mechanism – Face Recognition, Finger Vein, Pin Codes, Smart Card, Mobile App and Physical Key.

Attention to Details

Ergonomic Door Handle

Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series equips with ergonomic door handle, crafted with CNC machining, while maintaining unified design.

Implicit Elegance

Swarovski Button

Moorgen as the only Smart Home partner of Swarovski globally, the Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series comes with Swarovski crystal button.

Advanced Safeguard

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series is secure and safe with advanced technologies.

Moorgen T5 Pro Face Recognition Digital Lock Fingerprints
Best of Class


Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series adopts Swedish Fingerprint Cards’ (FPC) technology, which delivers outstanding fingerprints recognition for all ages.

Extra Layer of Security

Fake Pin Code

Keying in random numbers before and after the real PIN code at will, the door lock will be opened as long as the string you enter has the real PIN code you set in the middle.

Handless Unlocking

3D Face Recognition

3D Face recognition is considered as one of the most secure measure. Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ series enables finance-grade face cognition technology as one of the unlocking methods.

Break-in Prohibition

Anti-theft Alarm

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series comes with anti-theft alarm, which emits loud alarm sound and inform you via mobile notification if it is being maliciously damaged.

Think Ahead

Child Lock Mode

The child lock works with a touch sensor inside the door handle that only adult hands can trigger to prevent children or pets from opening the door accidentally.

View and Talk

Real-time HD Viewer & Intercom

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock – T5+ Series consolidates the door viewer function with HD viewer camera for real-time monitoring via the screen of smart door lock, mobile app or smart panel.

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Moorgen Smart Door Lock can be used standalone without connecting to an integrated system. Buy and use – It’s that simple!

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Moorgen Smart Door Lock is a care-free smart home product covered by warranty. Any problems? We have your back!