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Top 5 Choice of Digital Lock

(Under Liang Si Mei Recommendation)

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock is the nicest push pull lock in the market with full mobile app features

KEYWE 360 Smartphone digital lock comes in satin gold and space grey using the 360-degree air touch fingerprint sensor

(Up to 95% Accuracy)

KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock is suitable for all HDB Fire Rated Door and Condo Door in Singapore

KEYWE is the first Korea Digital Lock Company who has developed a mobile App to unlock the digital lock using Smartphone through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G

None of the KOREAN digital lock company could perfect the mobile app besides KEYWE until 2023

For BTO Door and Gate

For BTO Door and Gate

For Condo

For Condo

For Resale

For Resale

Celebrities who prefer our KEYWE 360 Smartphone Digital Lock

Aileen Tan for Condo

Aileen Tan 陈丽贞 for her condo house


Jasper for his HDB Main Door

Landed Main door and Wardrobe

Chen Xiu Huan for her Landed Main door and Wardrobe

Liu Ling Ling for her Condo Main door

She replaces her digital lock after it spoil in the middle of the night and couldn’t find a replacement

For Brand New HDB Main Door & Gate choose KEYWE

If you have intension to build the nicest HDB door and gate, and you are looking for the best design digital lock to match it, KEYWE Digital Lock is your only choice

As it has the nicest push pull in Korea and they have the strongest mobile app in the market which is user friendly

(Synchronize Unlock available – Unable both door and gate with one touch)

7 Ways to Unlock

KEYWE Damian Smartphone Digital Lock

(The smallest gate and rim digital lock in the market)

They build to make it look simple, cute and powerful

7 Ways to Unlock Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock

(From inside of the house)

  • Fingerprint
  • Remote Control
  • Press Damian Door Lock Open Button
  • Mechanical Key
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi

The Most Powerful Digital Lock Mobile App

1. Receive Push Notification after you unlock (Apple / Andriod)

2. Time History (Able to export to excel)

3. Issue Guest Key even without Wi-Fi (Bluetooth / 4G)

4. Time Zone for Guest


HDB Door

Keywe-Damian-Digital-Door-LockKeywe-Damian-Digital-Door-Lock-Keypad) Sale!
Keywe-Damian-Gold-digital-Door-LockKeywe-Damian-Gold-digital-Door-Lock-(Keypad) Sale!
Push Pull Digital Lock Space GreyPush Pull Digital Lock space grey Sale!
Push Pull Digital Lock Satin GoldPush Pull Digital Lock statin gold Sale!

HDB Gate

Keywe-Damian-Dual-Fingerprint-Gate-LockKeywe-Damian-Dual-Fingerprint-Gate-Lock-(Keypad) Sale!
Keywe-Damian-Gold-Dual-Fingerprint-Gate-LockKeywe-Damian-Gold-Dual-Fingerprint-Gate-Lock-(Keypad) Sale!