Keywe Damian Smart Home Dual Fingerprint Gate Digital Lock (Space Gold)

$ 949.00 $ 749.00

The KEYWE Smart Home Dual Fingerprint Damian lock is the first dual fingerprint gate lock equipped with Z-wave so that you can pair with your home automation

You are allow to unlock the KEYWE Damian Gate lock using fingerprint from both sides

When you enters or leaves, a push notification will receive to allows you to monitor your love ones

Imagine after you unlock your gate digital lock, your damian door lock will unlock then your smarthome will open the curtain, switch on the lights, turn on the air con and play the music when you step into your house

All these senario can be achieve using KEYWE, visit our showroom to experience the most powerful digital lock today

Top 10 Unique Selling Features

 0. Dual Fingerprint Access 

You can unlock using fingerprint from both sides, hence you do not need to use a remote control to unlock from inside of the house

Which makes your entry or leaving more convinient

Also a push notification will be send when you unlock the gate digital lock, hence you will know what time your kids, maid or elderly leave your house

More smart home features will be added to enhance this feature

 1. Receive Instant Push Notification when you unlock using Fingerprint, Card or password (Most wanted features)

Each User would have a KEYWE account, and when you unlock the digital lock using your fingerprint, card or password

A push notification will be send to all the master user to notify them that you have enter the premises

This is to monitor your love ones such as kids, elderly or maid

2. Time Attendance (Suitable for Office or Home Use)

After you unlock the KEYWE Damian Lock, the time history will record your entry

And the time history can be seen through mobile app or exported to excel folder for tracking purposes

3. Unlock Both Door and gate digital lock in one touch (BEST SELLING FEATURE)

You can enters the house, once you unlock the Damian Gate lock, the door lock will automatically unlock

Hence, when you unlock the Keywe Damian door lock, the gate lock will unlock automatically to make your exit more convinient

4. Home Automation Enable (Smart Nation Product, Suitable for all BTO HDB in Singapore)

As Singapore prime minister announce, that all the new HDB BTO is going to become a smart nation as all the new house will be equipped with neutral wires

Therefore, our KEYEWE Damian lock is Z Wave enable to pair with any smart home devices

Also in 2020, Keywe will be launching its smart home hub to make it affordable so everyone can purchase our digital lock to pair with their smart home system

Imagine after you unlock the KEYWE Damian lock, your house, light will turn on, curtain will open, air conditioner will turn on and also sound system

All these senario can happen from the beginning of unlocking KEYWE Damian lock

5. Programming and Registration using Mobile App

Sometimes programming of digital lock can be quite tedious especially when you have to read the manual booklet

Now all you need to turn on Bluetooth of your smartphone, link with the KEYWE Damian lock and you can register your individual fingerprint, card and password

Each user will have their own card, password and fingerprint for tracking purpose

Hence you are able to delete the users accordingly without factory reset the whole digital lock

6. Unlock using WI-FI / 4G / 5G (Faster and more stable)

In 2020, KEYWE have installed their first server in Singapore for the Asia market as Singapore is chosen due to its central location

Therefore, Singaporeans are able to unlock their KEYWE Damian Lock faster

7. One Time Password Change Remotely using smartphone

You can change the one-time password remotely using the mobile app as long as your KEYWE Damian lock is link to the wi-fi bridge

8. Guest Pin (Suitable for Air B&B)

You can invite your guest by giving them temporary access in a time zone manner. Whereby you can set the dates and time for the guest to enter

Also, now in Air B&B, you can rent out the apartment by linking it with the KEYWE App

9. Small and Compact

KEYWE Damian Lock is design to make it the slimmest and smallest digital lock in the market which aim to become like APPLE.

As KEYWE have make the design look simply, compact with all the features you can find, equipped in it

With the limited space given to squeeze all the functions is a huge challenge

10. Free WI-FI Bridge (2nd Generation)

It allows the KEYWE Damian Lock to link with the router, therefore you can unlock using 4/5G network when you are away from home

Also, you are able to trade in to our Smart Home Automation Hub when it arrives this year


  1. 100 Individual Fingerprints 
  2. 100 RFID Cards (4 Given)
  3. Individual Password
  4. One Time Password (Change Remotely using smartphone)
  5. Guest Pin (Temporary use for certain date & time)
  6. Bluetooth
  7. WI-FI / 5G / 4G
  8. Home Automation App (Z-Wave)
  9. Mechanical Key Overwrite

1 + 2 Years Warranty

First Year Full Warranty for parts and labour, second and third year subjected to $80 labour charge

Life Time Mobile App support (Singapore Server – for a more responsive response)

  1. 5 out of 5


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