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These are some of the completed renovation works for BTO HDB, EC and Condo in Singapore 2016, by our senior interior designer, Piong, with 9 years of experience in renovation industry

He is also the founder of, MY Digital Lock and One Last Hope Interior Showroom

We build and construct the showroom by ourselves, using our own installers


Jurong Condo


We used 3D Panel to combine with some carpentry to customize the TV console, which matches the sky view in the living room

Also the kitchen, we adopted the open concept so that, the entire house will look more spacious and modern



The main concept is to mix with different type of oak to gives the natural and relax feel

Be it when you visit your bedroom, or enters the bathroom

Check out the master bedroom photo, in our facebook. One of the most expensive bedhead we have ever made in 2016



Apart of oak, we use more solid colours such as grey, and black for other furniture therfore, the entire house will not look too woody.

The wall are all painted with no wallpaper as it will make the design overloaded




For the bedroom, we have added a modern tv console with looks like a feature wall and false celling to make the design look damn cosy



For the guest toilet, we just make it plain and simple so that the overall design will not look complex

As for the shelving we can customize according to your requirements

Most importantly, a bar counter to chill after a long stressful day


Serangoon Pet Shop – Make Over



In the project, we thank my primary school friend, Angela whom refer her boss to take up our renovataion services

After the pet shop owner, compare with other ID firm, our price is definitely one of the lowest and we are able to complete within 5 days + 2 days of touch up

After the transformation, I was shocked and it make customer more appealing to shop longer and engage more services

A Shop renovation is something you really need to invest



After the make over, the whole shop look more spacious and professional

The signboard and the decoration were design by the owner and done by us.

This is not a normal pet shop, they offer grooming services for dog and cat. The shop owner have win many awards in taiwan and japan yearly



In this renovation, we select industrial theme and create a big counter so that the shop owner can attend to more than one guest at a time

With the trophy display at the side, it gives customers more confident to send their pets for grooming

Also the dog food have become more appealing which can be marketed at a better retail price compared to previous shop



Rivervale Kitchen, completed in 10 days



This customer came to our shop to purchase digital lock last year

After knowing that, we do renovation for HDB owners

They decided to engage us after looking at our shop renovation

Our designer and the team work out hand in hand to make over the kitchen for them

Now the whole kitchen look clean and awesome, as we hack the floor as well




Bukit Batok Skyline – BTO HDB



This is one of the most intense HDB project, as our modern theme need something special

As you can see the TV console and the carpentry at the side have multi function

You can use it as a shleving or pull out to form dining table or create more seats




The warobe have sliding mirror able to pull out from, inside of the carpentry which allows you to have both options at the same time

Normally sliding warobe, will not have mirror



The whole house, uses grey, black and white. Therefore, for the kitchen we have ordered a limited edition EUBIQ track in black

With the warm light, hitting on the track , the whole bar look damn awesome




Malaysia Landed Project - Permas




Most of our installers are from malaysian, therefore, we are capable to do malaysia project as well

As many Singaporean home owners have property in Johor

This is one of the most intense project which took us half a year to complete



3D Feature wall made of real pine with grey paint over it for the cooridoor

For the inner house, we use a day & night curtain to match with the wallpaper

For flooring, we use parquet throughout as customer have budget and prefer something not so cold to step on




The dining area with the high sky roof is something every HDB owner wish for

This is a simple yet modern project, completed by Piong


Success Academy – UBI Commercial Office



This is another commercial project we did on 2016, we lay the entire vinyl flooring, caprentry work and customize door

For the office, we do EM lock for their glass door and install small korean digital lock on each and every wooden door

The speaker system and the projector is the difficult part in this project as all the cable need to lay from scratch

We start with a blank unit and completed with the help of our designer and installers