Moorgen T31 Face Recognition Swarovski Crystal Gate Lock


Moorgen T31 Face recognition Swarovski Crystal Gate lock $1299

Moorgen has designed and built the most luxurious gate lock in Singapore. They have combined the beauty of Swarovski Crystal and baby skin glass to create a digital lock that offers a perfect touch of elegance.

Unlocking the T31 is an experience that brings excitement and appreciation for its quality, unlike any other digital lock on the market. If you have a nice and modern HDB mild steel gate, the T31 would be perfect match.

As the director of My Digital Lock, I highly recommend this gate lock. In fact, I will be using it for my own house, along with the Moorgen T9 coffee gold limited edition.

24 Features:

  1. Face Recognition (workable in total darkness)
  2. Push Notifications after entry.
  3. Doorbell link to smartphone
  4. Video Intercom
  5. Voice Change
  6. Live View (Door Viewer)
  7. Motion Detection Alert (Record photo / video when someone is outside your house for too long)
  8. WIFI Unlock
  9. One Time Password
  10. Time zone (Set certain date and time for user to enter)
  11. Time Attendance
  12. Smart programming (Program fingerprint and the rest using mobile app)
  13. Synchronized unlock – Unlock the door lock, after gate lock is unlock
  14. When door lock is unlocked, the gate lock will automatically unlock
  15. Over the air for the latest update
  16. Up to 100 fingerprints
  17. Up to 100 cards
  18. Scramble password
  19. User password
  20. Remote control
  21. Adjustable volume using mobile app
  22. Leave notifications, when your child or elderly leave your house, you will receive a push notification.
  23. Activate auto or manual lock using mobile app
  24. Mechanical key to overwrite from inside.