Model S Power Rail ($0.265 per millimeter)


Model S Power Rail

Model Surface

Mount onto walls. Upgrade over conventional wall sockets.

Our Model S is suitable for almost every use case.

Bring power anywhere, at any location.

Rated Current: 32A~ 32A⎓ (Dual AC + DC)

Rated Voltage: 250V~ 250V⎓ (Dual AC + DC)

Certification: BS5733, BS1363, SS145, SS241, IEC61534, ISO9001

Fire Resistance: UL94 HB

Water Resistance: IP3X

Made in: Singapore


Extruded Aluminium Enclosure

Machined Copper Alloy Connectors

Pure Annealed Copper Conductors

Modified Polyphenylene Ether Insulation

PA Polyamide Terminal Structures

PC Polycarbonate Terminal Structures

Glass Reinforced ABS End Caps

Glass Reinforced PBT Terminal Housing

Dimension (Total): 86mm X 25mm

End Cap thickness: 5mm

Face edge radius: 9mm

Back edge radius: 4mm

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Patents Granted & Pending:

WO 2017/007420 A1







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