Loghome Galaxy Shine Mortise Digital Lock (Saturn Gold)


$699.00 $399.00

Loghome Galaxy Shine Mortise Digital Lock (Saturn Gold)

In 2023, Loghome have develop one of the nicest Korean mortises digital locks in Korea

The shinny surface for a digital lock is actually popular and important so as to beautify the door

However, for shinny surface digital lock, they tend to leave down many fingerprint

Anti-Fingerprint Shinny Surface + Hairline

In 2023, loghome have design the first anti fingerprint surface with very thin hairline to make this digital lock look luxurious

This material cannot be found in any digital lock company

1 Sec Response Time + Strong Mortise

After you scan the fingerprint, card or pin, the loghome Galaxy Shine will unlock immediately

For a digital lock under this price range, it is impossible for you to get this type of quality

Suitable for all types of Condo / HDB BTO Door

Loghome Galaxy Shine can replace all types of mortise lock from Condo or HDB Main Door

Especially if you are getting a marble design or wood laminate design, this digital lock can help you to build one of the nicest project within the limited budget

I believe many Singaporeans will like this design

  1. 100 Fingerprint
  2. Up to 20 cards (4 Given)
  3. Password
  4. 2 Mechanical Key