Installation Service for Samsung Digital Lock



Samsung DP739, DR 717, P72, DR 708 P920, DP 609, DP 960, Dr 900 Push Pull Digital Lock, Hione, Gateman, Kaiser.

Each of our installers install up to 6 digital lock per day, and all with minimum 1 year of experience, workmanship assured.

Installation Services for Samsung Digital Lock comes with metal face plate (Door), Strike Plate (Door frame).

However, if yours are a double leaf door we will charge you $20 for the rebate adapter, one of the accessories to complete the installation.

When you sign up Installation Services from us, we will charge $150 at a fix rate for locksmith services, Market Price $180 during working hours and $220 for midnight charge.

Samsung P920 Digital Lock mortise often jam and break lock services is up to 80%.

After Installation, do check our workmanship, once it is alright, we will close the deal as most of the problem comes with the Digital lock, which will not cover under warranty as the digital lock does not belong to us.

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