Designer HDB Glass Gate 4×7 Feet


Designer HDB Glass Gate 4×7 Feet

In 2022, a lot of designers have request to build such a glass HDB gate because a lot of HDB owners want to turn on air conditioner in their living room

Meanwhile they want to have more natural light fall into their house

In 2023, you can draw or build new design with us for free. We will innovate with you to increase our projects

After install this glass gate, it will bring in maximum amount of light into your house and you are able to view the nice scenery from inside of your house

However, do note that you need to open your window for air ventilation

Adding Black Glass onto Designer HDB Glass Gate $100

If you do not want to others to have a clear view of your house and yet you want to view whose walking pass

You can consider getting a black glass, as it will do a big reflection to block the visibility from outside

However from inside of the house, you are able to view whose outside

One example, for car they use black glass or paste black solar film for this reason

Black Glass

Add Marble Design Stone / Laminate $400

If you want to have a designer HDB glass gate and yet want to be different. You can consider to add some Marble design stone or laminate

In My Digital Lock, we are looking for customers to innovate and to build the nicest HDB gate with us

As long as you are willing to do a small investment, we believe you can build a wonderful entrance to impress your neighbours

Add Marble Design Stone