The Cheapest Bedroom Door in Singapore

The Cheapest Bedroom Door in Singapore at $188
(Before GST)

For Customers with NO EXPECTATION

Melamine HDB Bedroom Doors are popular for their durability, affordability and aesthetic appeal.

The Melamine coating provides a smooth and consistent finish

Door Warranty does not cover scratches nor sound isolation

Melamine HDB Bedroom doors are durable and resistant to some extent; however, they are still prone to chipping or damage, of subjected to significant force or impact so it’s essential to handle them with care to maintain their longevity

6 Designs, allowing for various design options to suit with different HDB interior styles

(Minimum Purchase of 2 HDB bedroom door, otherwise will incur a $60 transportation)

Deliver in 4 Days after measurement

6 Designs different HDB interior styles
6 Designs different HDB interior styles

Top Up $50 More to upgrade to HDB Laminate Bedroom Door
(With Free Round Knob)

Laminate HDB Bedroom doors are generally durable and resistant to scatches, impact and moisture, the wood grain is more realistic than the melamine doors

Laminate doors are made of multiple layers of fabric sheers that are impregnated with resin and fused together under high pressure tempreture. The top later consists of a decorative printed pattern which is protected by a clear layer of water resistant coating