Keywe Smartphone Deadbolt Digital Lock (Z-Wave, EU)


$399.00 $350.00

1 year Warranty

Limited Edition Z Wave Digital Lock

KEYWE Smartphone Deadbolt Digital Lock in Chilli Red is one of the latest Smartphone Deadbolt lock in the market which can unlock using Bluetooth / WI-FI

The first red digital lock in MY DIGITAL LOCK, matches with pure white door

If you need a vertical rim lock, with a mechanical key, this is the only choice

KEYWE Deadbolt red is a limited-edition digital lock produce for US market. Also, it is extremely solid and durable

Link to Smart Home / Home Automation (Z-wave / EU Frequency)

KEYWE Smartphone Deadbolt Digital Lock is able to link with smart home system or home automation because it has Z wave function

With Z Wave and under EU frequency, you are able to link this device into your smart home system such as FIBARO, Vera edge or KEYWE Smart Hub

In 2020, My Digital Lock is going from smartphone digital lock to smart home digital lock

A lot of new features will be added into the digital lock very soon

The nicest Korea Push Pull Digital Lock that matches well with HDB Fire Rated Main Door and Condo Main Door in Singapore


  1. Up to 100 Card
  2. Four given password
  3. Two Keys
  4. Bluetooth
  5. WI-Fi Optional
  6. Smart Home Hub Z wave

1 Year Warranty

My Digital Lock covers 1 year full warranty for KEYWE Deadbolt Lock

Review on KEYWE Smartphone Deadbolt Lock

The KEYWE Deadbolt lock is one of the cheapest digital lock with z wave module you can find in the market

For a low end model, it comes with a mechanical key and smartphone features

Hence it is something value for money as the mobile app will update once every year for Free with more features