EPIC Triplex 3 Way Digital Lock

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$ 399.00 $ 289.00

Product Review

EPIC Triplex 3 Way card digital lock comes mechanical keys to overwrite the Fire rated HDB Door or Condo Fire Rated Main Door in Singapore

EPIC triplex 3 way digital lock is one of the best sellers in 2016-2018 for majority of the HDB Main Door

It is the cheapest rim digital lock that comes with a mechanical key to bypass.

Therefore it is highly recommend for consumers whom wish to install onto their office , storeroom or simple usage

Most importantly EPIC Triplex 3 way Digital lock is reliable and durable


  • 2 Mechanical Keys
  • up to 20 cards, 4 given
  • 1 Password
  • Scramble code
  • One time password

1 Year Warranty

My Digital Lock will honor 1 year warranty for parts and labor against manufacturing defects

Triplex 3 Way Product Review

i would rate it 6/10, because it is affordable with some basic functions. Worth to consider for simple usage

Also it can be install onto majority of the HDB Main Door

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