Keywe Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock

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$999.00 $699.00

1 year Warranty

2019 Best Selling Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock

KEYWE Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock is one of the latest Smartphone digital lock in the market which can unlock using Bluetooth / WI-FI

The nicest Korea Push Pull Digital Lock that matches well with HDB Fire Rated Main Door and Condo Main Door in Singapore

KEYWE Smartphone Push Pull Digital lock matches well with the EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital lock, matches perfectly to all types of HDB Main Door


  1. 100 Fingerprint
  2. Up to 20 Card
  3. 4 given Password
  4. 2 Keys
  5. Bluetooth Unlock
  6. WI-Fi Optional

1 Year Warranty (Life Time Mobile App Support)

My Digital Lock will honor 1 Year Full Warranty for the KEYWE Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock for Part and Labor against manufacturing defects

Unlike other smartphone digital lock, our access is controlled by the KOREA Server to prevent it been hacked

Also we are able to provide you with password reset or factory reset provided you give us the email account or mobile number first registered

Unique Selling Point

Modern looking with almost all the necessary features, just that the new 360 KEY Push Pull have a more advance fingerprint sensor and design

In terms of function, it still works well, just that this model is a pretty old version hence we decided to retail it cheaper

Something value for money with the mobile app features

Matches perfectly onto our Interior Designer Main Door

Honestly speaking the design of the lock looks modern and high tech, with the access of KEYWE Smartphone Mobile App

This digital lock matches pretty well with any types of HDB Main Door / Condo Door in Singapore

Review on the KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock 6/10

I would rate 6/10 for KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock as one should always get the latest digital lock model

As those old model will discontinue soon and the future spare part is difficult to get to repair

In the worst case, have to replace the entire digital lock


  1. 3 out of 5


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