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$68.00 $40.00
Shower Filters Your skin is going to thank you for this: besides removing contaminants like chlorine and rust, our Vitamin C shower filter is chock full of natural antioxidants and Vitamin C, which is great for the skin! No chlorine also means that you can expect reduced hair fall and more ...
$388.00 $318.00
iMist Shield Water is all we need to keep our loved ones healthy and safe. Adopting electrolytic technology, iMist Shield effectively moisturises & provides high-grade disinfection with only water in seconds — whenever, wherever. iMist Shield electrolyzes water and generates Hydrogen ion. The Hydrogen ion then destroys bacteria, safeguarding us on-the-go. Hydroxyl ions ...
$2,188.00 $1,888.00
Pearl Series Price includes: 1 + 1 COMPLIMENTARY Pearl Filters (worth $160) that can last for 2 years! 1 + 2 Years of Extended Warranty (worth $200) Slimmest 12.3cm Hot/Cold Tankless Water Dispenser in Singapore. Removes 99% harmful bacteria and contaminants. With 5 Functions & 7 Instant Temperatures, this ...
$1,888.00 $1,588.00
Quartz Dispenser Price includes: 1 Set of Filters (worth $365) that can last for a year! Our Rose Quartz water dispenser is made to embody healing qualities that are beneficial for both your physical and emotional health by making clean and healthy water easily accessible to you through an easy three-stage ...
$888.00 $688.00
5 Stages Undersink Water Filtration System 5-Stage Alkaline Undersink Filtration System with Premium Carbon, Nano pH+, Prime UF Membrane and Active Carbon filters ensure your water is free of harmful contaminants and brimming with minerals & antioxidants! Comes with complimentary stainless steel faucet. Brimming with antioxidants Brimming with antioxidants ...
$2,788.00 $2,127.16
Jewel Series Price includes: 1 + 2 COMPLIMENTARY Sets of Jewel Filters (worth $720) that can last for 3 years! 1 + 2 Years of Extended Warranty (worth $200) Slimmest Tankless Water Dispenser in Singapore. 1st Motorless Hot/Cold model that is ideal for homes with Natural Antioxidant, Alkaline water ...