Quartz Dispenser

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$1,888.00 $1,588.00

Quartz Dispenser

Price includes:

  • 1 Set of Filters (worth $365) that can last for a year!

Our Rose Quartz water dispenser is made to embody healing qualities that are beneficial for both your physical and emotional health by making clean and healthy water easily accessible to you through an easy three-stage water purification process! Its luxurious and sensual rose gold design will enhance the elegance of any home’s interior!

  • W24cm by H46.4cm by D51.7cm
  • 17kg
  • Cold Water Tank – 2.2 Litres
  • Hot Water Tank – 1.3 Litres
  • Power Consumption – 0.6A (cold water), 300W (hot water), compressor 90W
  • Instant Hot (94°C) / Ice Cold Water (4°C)
  • With the luxurious and sensual design, Rose Quartz Series elevates the elegance of the interior at any home or office!
  • Stainless steel water tank to prevent the inflow and growth of external bacteria, making it safe and hygienic for drinking
  • 3/4 Stage Filtration System through Composite DS Carbon Filter, Positive Charge Membrane Filter & Carbon Block Filter (Alkaline optional)
  • Child-Lock Function – Added Protection
  • Water Volume Control Function
  • Full Touch Screen Panel

Due to its excellent water purification abilities of the three-stage system (Composite DS Carbon Filter, Positive Charge Membrane Filter & Carbon Block Filter), our Rose Quartz’s stainless steel hot and cold water tank is safe and hygienic from inflow and propagation of 99% of bacteria!


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