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This product reminds me of Bangkok. Since I couldn’t visit Thailand. I decided to purchase one pouch from the boss.

You can select any 3 designs at iron them onto the pouch for just $10.

This is the pouch I customised at his shop. The front pouch i choose the 3 characters which represent me, my wife and Inori.

As for the back, we choose some of the corgi design as we like corgi alot.

After you choose the design, they will iron onto the pouch for you. Less than 5 minutes, you can collect it with satisfaction.

This pouch brings back alot of memories especially when you choose the cartoon character that represent your era.

You can choose a pouch at $5 then proceed to choose your sticker.

These are some of the stickers you can choose.

After chatting with the boss, he started this stall because of passion.

As you can see, he didn’t price it at a high price and all design are classified under the same price.

Sadly he do not have Facebook page so you can only keep contact with him through Instagram.

Wish this boss good luck and hopefully my post will bring him some business.


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