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Affordable Vinyl Door Sticker for 3x7 Feet HDB Main Door $299 If you are considering revamping your BTO fire rated main door at a minimal cost, a vinyl door sticker could be your next option. We offer a selection of over 500 designs for you to choose from, and we will ...
Interior Film for HDB BTO Main Door by Samsung At My Digital Lock, we use Samsung Interior Film to enhance the aesthetics of our retail shop’s wall and ceilings. Due to the positive feedback from our customers regarding the design and quality, we have decided to import these Samsung films ...
Top Up $50 for 4x7 Feet If your BTO HDB Fire rated main door is 4x7 feet, you need to add $50 as we need the extra sticker to paste on the small panel
Bomb Shelter Door Sticker $180 Many BTO HDB owners often face a dilemma when it comes to the bomb shelter. Apart from concealing it with carpentry, another option is to customize a door sticker to blend it into the hom’s interior. We offer a wide selection of over 500 designs ...