in March 2019, EPIC 5G Digital Lock is the latest and most affordable Smartphone Fingerprint Rim Lock
100% Made in Korea, and also it is able to link to WI-FI , using WIFI Bridge
Hence you are able to unlock using smartphone even if you are not at home 

My Digital lock have install many EPIC 5G Digital lock onto the latest hdb and door to enhance the Smartphone digital lock to the next level 

​We will be updating more HDB Door and gate projects with the EPIC 5G Digital Lock 

Five Greatest Features 
1. Unlock using Bluetooth (keywe app) 
2. Unlock using Wi-Fi using bridge at $50 
3. 100 fingerprint 
4. Up to 100 card, 4 given 
5.. Password 

Mobile app Features 
A) Time attendance 
B,) Invite guest give guest code 
C) Smart open when you walk near the digital lock 

Able to delete individual fingerprint and card 
With 1+2 years warranty 

Unlock both door and gate using mobile phone or fingerprint 
Door and Mattress are our best selling products in Singapore


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