Thanks to my dear friend , Peter, who brought me to this interesting and romantic place for lunch.

Peter is one of my most resourceful friend who knows almost everyone on this planet. There isn’t a thing that he does not know about .

Because of him, My Digital Lock have prosper till today.

From the exterior, you cannot tell that there is a café inside. Most of the visitors come here to learn how to become a pilot.

After training, and if you can drive the plane for 60 hours alone. You will get your pilot license.

After you walk pass the guard room, the café is at the right hand side of the building.

If you are looking for an unique place for a romantic date, this restaurant will be highly recommend.

You will be amazed by the crowd.

When you are dining, this is your view.

Enjoy viewing different types of plane while having your lunch.

There are alot of interesting private planes, so visit this place to view for yourself.

The food are simple with an average taste 70/100.

I ordered a sea bass for my lunch, because this is the only dish which is quite rare for western.

The rest of the food are quite normal.

So if you are looking for an unique place, you can google WOA Hangar66 Café to know about this place.



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