I learn this when I am in army playing Chinese chess. I am a beginner who only know simple rules and got bullied by my section mate

However I learnt something out of it. The playing style of Chinese chess reflects the personality of the person and its true for me.

In one of the game, during my turn, I was stuck in a difficult position to defend as I am about to lose

Therefore, I give it a brave try, instead of defending all the way, I attack and threaten him to retreat with no choice. After he retreat, he got confuse and I grab the opportunity to destroy his attacking force and win the game.

For a newbie to win a pro, we need guts and wits as we do not have much skills and experience.

After that match, I attack whenever my opponent force me to defend and this cause a mental breakdown for my opponent. Smart move which can be adopt in many ways, especially in business.


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