I am once given the whole control of the company, Interlock and manage to develop it into a Pte Ltd company after a year.

I do everything myself from website, marketing and sales. However, I adopt this method to my web programmer, he could not execute the plan out just like be, having vision and take the lead.

Sadly, most people are only specialised at what they are doing and therefore, choosing a soldier and give him part of the power to command is a huge mistake.

They will get involve and have their vision, you have to respect their point of view and sometimes the vision will fade away.

Therefore, this lesson is to teach you, if you want to be the leader, lead all the way and don’t pass the powder of command.

As commanders, we have the feel of success and have high expectation. As any failure in the mission, the responsibility lies on our shoulder and not theirs.

However do note to take every point of view or opinion from them into deep consideration as it will make them fall out from the project if their words are not been recognised.


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