Besides laminate door, you can also can engage our senior door designer to develop nice veneer door for you

Some of the veneer door is very classic, their natural wood grain makes the entire HDB main door stand out

Also for dark color door, you can choose walnut or black oak and match them with satin gold digital lock

The color contrast will add some value to the overall design

In this project, the door and gate look simple and modern, with the match of our satin gold digital lock

This HDB enterance look perfect

We encourage many home owners to innovate their HDB door with us. Not only we have experience door designer, we have the different type of digital lock for you to mix and match

Besides wood grain laminate or veneer main door, marble design is one of the most popular selection amongst all

in 2020, all the laminate companies have each develop their own unique marble laminate which look real and luxurious

However, you need to find the correct digital lock and HDB gate design to match with it

Otherwise, all the money will be wasted

We have a series of new digital lock which is suitable for the marble, find the EPIC 24K gold platted digital lock under our product page

Once you see that digital lock, you will look at other digital lock anymore

Besides providing you with a keyless entry, digital lock should have long period of warranty and nice design

After all , My Digital Lock retail the digital lock from the lowest price range to the most luxurious series

You can visit our shop to compare and trust me, currently we have the nicest design digital lock in the market

You can consider to get the marble PVC slide and swing door from us to match with the main door, they do come under one series

When you purchase the marble slide and swing from us, we will retail you at normal price of $350 each

My Digital Lock showroom have equipped with all the latest door design in the market together with our latest digital lock

Everyone is copying us, however we always develop the latest product in the market


Kato 3D laser simplify gate was develop by Ansley, our HDB gate designer. After partnership for so many years, My Digital Lock and the founder of laser cut gate have develop so many outstanding design to bring our digital lock to the next level

You can check out our facebook page, My Digital Lock regularly

Everyday we will update many nice HDB door and gate photo after our installation

Many of the designs were build by our customers and sales personal

Each gate brings some memories for the users

Therefore, now engage us to laser cut the image that brings you the most significant memories

Our company is not just a retail shop but one whom cherish every customer and develop new product everyday

Otherwise, you can visit our showroom to choose some of the special design laser cut gate with laminate

In My Digital Lock, we customize all types of HDB gate in Singapore

Anything you can find in the market, we are the first company to introduce it and continue with the upcoming design

All the designs is been drawn our inhouse designer

If you do not want something so fancy, you can consider getting the designer mild steel gate

Unlike the laser cut gate which is cut out by the machine, these mild steel gate were wield one by one

Therefore, you will see the wielding part when the metal join together

In My Digital Lock website, we do have a full range of design for you to choose. Most importantly is to find  a suitable gate digital lock to match it

Ok, after you have choose the type of HDB main door and gate, whats actually important is the suitable digital lock

The design of the digital lock will bring your HDB door and gate to the next level

Besides design, My Digital Lock have satin gold and 24k gold platted, which will make the digital lock look luxurious

we have invested half a million to purchase in bulk and to innovate our digital lock

Therefore the design of the digital lock is exclusive to My Digital Lock only

Next week, we will continue to share with you more projects that we have done recently


Also in My Digital Lock, we have the nicest push pull design in the market

because of your support, My Digital Lock is able to further invest in our digital lock

Therefore, every year we have new design for our digital lock

Our project is improving, so stay tune….


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