Trident Face Recognition Pro Digital Lock (Synchronize with Gate Lock)

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$ 899.00 $ 699.00

Product Description

Trident Face Recognition Pro Digital Lock is the cheapest digital lock that allows you to unlock using face scanning

Also it can be link with the Trident Dual Fingerprint Gate lock, to unlock both HDB gate and door with one touch

Some customer would prefer this digital lock because it have a screen at the back for you to view whose outside, which act as a digital door viewer


1. Battery Lifespan of 6 Month

In order to increase the battery lifespan, our installers will help you deactivate the welcome mode

2. For the WIFI unlock, the visitors need to press the door bell

On the digital lock to wake it up then your mobile app will show a push notification for you to unlock the digital lock, unlike the Korean digital lock mobile App

One Touch Open 2 Function

(Door Lock will unlock after You unlock the gate lock)

Suitable for all types of Condo

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    Good Product

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