My President selling 5 Star Hotel Mattress at Factory Price for Landed, Condo and HDB in Singapore

Premium Hotel Mattress using the latest 7 Zone Pocket Spring

Lina Ng 黄嫊芳,

Celebrity Brand Ambassador of, My President

My President Mattress

My President Mattress selling 4 & 5 Star Hotel Mattress in Queen Size, King Size and Super Single at factory price for your HDB, EC and Condo Bedroom in Singapore with Free Delivery, Order Now & Get it Today

Premium sleep comes from a Mattress that is not only branded or expensive but suits you My Digital Lock, have decided to sell premium Queen Size, King Size and Super Single mattress for Singapore HDB and Condo Bedroom, because most of the branded mattress is overprice and the quality is not as comfortable as they claim.

Therefore, My President Mattress has a total of 4 Unique Queen Size, King Size and Super Single Mattress that cater for different users


Top Hotel Mattress in ASIA

My President Mattress in Queen Size, King Size and Super Single was used by some of the top hotel in ASIA

We are unable to reveal the Mattress is from which hotel but we have photo taken in the factory to proof

MOST IMPORTANTLY, is when you lie down on our mattress, you will replace it with your home Queen Size, King Size and Super Single mattress, ASAP


Renovation Concept for Bedroom

My President Mattress Showroom will showcase our renovation concept and interior design with Queen Size, King Size and Super Single Mattress

After you purchase a premium mattress in Queen Size, King Size and Super Single from us at factory price, you can consider taking up the renovation package from us, and you can discuss with our interior designer with a no obligation quotation


Customize Bed Frame

My President also helps to customize bed frame for Queen Size, King Size and Super Single, feature wall, and wardrobe to suits our Queen Size, King Size and Super Single mattress

My President Showroom, have design a series of different bedroom style with curtain and bed head to match to your prefer concept


In 2016, My Digital Lock travelled to the largest mattress factory, where all the top hotel and branded mattress were made

I wish to purchase a mattress in Singapore, however most of the mattress were too overprice and not comfortable as well

Most importantly, other companies do not have ready stock and unable to deliver the next day

Therefore, we decided to focus in 8 premium mattress, keep it in stock so that we can deliver to you the next day

We aims to deliver premium hotel mattress at factory price, where everyone are able to get a good rest after a long day of work

The comfortable level for all My President Mattress is all chosen by the founder of My Digital Lock Top


Top Asia Hotel which Our Factory have supplied

These are all the top reputable hotel which our factory have supplied them

The entire well-known hotel is popular in their unique design mattress to assure you a beauty sleep during your holiday

We have to take in close to 500 mattresses in order for the factory to partnership with us


Spine Care & Cylic Test with Body Pressure

All the Hotel Mattress need to be spine care test and ensure they are durable to take on body weight for up to 50,000 times before they can be proposed for project

Unlike normal mattress, they have higher requirements on the comfort level as the hotel reputation is deeply depend on these criteria


7 Zone Pocket Spring with Elastic Test

My President Premium Mattress uses 7 zone pocket spring which further elaborate on the area where they support your back

Additional support were given to the head and the feet to ensure a more comfortable sleeping experience

All the pocket spring used by My President Mattress have went through durability test by adding human weight pressure up to 50,000 times

All the fabric used to contain the pocket spring is thick enough to ensure the pocket spring is properly kept in each position

Cooling Fabric using Anti Dust Mite Material

The material used to make for My President Mattress is exactly the same used in many top hotel

However, the material and design were chosen carefully by us and the design were from Italy

The cloth used for the mattress does not trapped heat; you can visit our showroom to try out


Our Mattress factory, have a wide range of cloth and foam for selection which is the latest in the market and by many of the top brand across the world

We are unable to reveal the company names because of trade agreement but the structure and technology is the same


After 3 months of research, we have quality check all the mattress and design our signature logo onto it

If you ever like the door and gate customize by MY DIGITAL LOCK, you can consider purchasing the mattress from us and renovating your bedroom just like our showroom