Cocktail Session with Richard Liu and Director Jun Ming

After having our dinner at paragon, we headed to this unique and secret hideout.

You might be surprise how popular and pack this bar is, given by the most hunted location in Orchard.

The other room is located inside  Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

When you reach the lobby, you need to ask the receptionist for the location, otherwise it is impossible for you to locate this bar.

Perfect place for dating – Romance rating 90/100 – Small and cosy

During my visit, I saw many rich businessman or white collar , went their for a date to impress their partner.

Even though you may saw some friends gathering over there but mostly are date.

They served western food like steak, burger and sandwich . However the most unique item is their cocktail.

Even their menu were nicely design.

Ask for your name when you ordered cocktail

I was shocked when they ask for my name when I order cocktail. I thought they knew I was the director of My Digital Lock

​Sadly, they just need my name to be written onto the boarding pass.

Dick Punch

When you happen to order a cocktail, normally the name, design of the cup , colour of the drink and presentation are very important.

If you want something sweet, you can consider getting the Dick Punch.

When I saw this drink, I fully understand why it is called Dick Punch.

Monkey in the forest

If you prefer something sour, you can try this.

I ordered this drink for Richard Liu.

After we ordered these 3 interesting cocktails, we also ordered more to see how the rest of the cocktail looks like.

So if you happen to be there, send us some photos so we can continue to share with our readers.

Expensive oyster $50 for 6 pieces and $90 for 12 pieces –

However i would rate 99/100 for its taste

Not everything that is expensive taste nice, and also not everything that taste nice is expensive.

For this case, is you buy what you get.

As a seafood lover, this is one of the best oyster i have tasted so far and it does go well with the cocktail.


One of the most interesting menu that will impress your friends

One of the most interesting menu that will impress your friends

As you can see the owner have put in lots of effort in designing their menu
It allows you to place order with a understanding of cocktail, and all the cocktail is drawn in 2D
​Therefore after you receive the drinks, it will surprise you


Not Crowded and the Toilet is clean

Normally when you go to bar, the toilet would seems horrible

However in this case, you will enjoy the 5 star hotel standard when you visit their toilet

The overall experience is pretty good, and that is why many rich people like to visit this place

After having some oyster and cocktail, my damage is $200. Even though it is expensive, but trust me, this place is worth giving a shot to explore

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