Mix and Match Any Design Slide and Swing Toilet Door at $350 Each,

Minimum 2 Pieces


My Digital Lock will measure, install and dispose the  existing toilet pvc door

However, if your  resale HDB PVC toilet door is cement into wall, then we are unable to install

As taking out the existing toilet door might risk of wall titles damage and floor titles crack.

Therefore, we will highlight if your HDB toilet door is under special case.

Otherwise,  the slide and swing toilet door is the most perfect idea to be installed onto your HDB toilet

(Free White and Grey Frame)

Add $20 to upgrade to Black powder coat frame 


Why Choose Slide & Swing Toilet Door?


  1. Save Space

Suitable for small toilet for BTO or resale HDB, as the door reduce 50% of the size when close


  1. Waterproof

Slide and Swing Toilet door is made of PVC plastic, hence it is waterproof


  1. Trackless (Top and bottom) – Child Safe

Unlike the traditional PVC bi-fold toilet door, it does not have track for the top and bottom


So, to prevent you from kick onto the bottom track when leaving the toilet


  1. Easy Maintenance

Durable mechanism to allow you to close and open the door more than 10,000 times without faulty


  1. Magnetic closing

When you push the slide and swing toilet door to the frame, the magnet will suck it to the frame.


Which allows you to ensure the toilet door is fully close before locking take place

Top Up $20 to upgrade to Black Powder Coat Frame

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