In 2020, My Digital Lock have develop a series of Kato Katoon Laser Cut Gate

Now your gate can be in colour version with your dream design

My Digital Lock have develop many awesome HDB Mild steel gate or Kato Simplify Laser cut gate

to match our EPIC smartphone gate digital lock with interior designer HDB main door

In the market most of the companies carries basic function digital lock from various brand and when the digital lock is faulty

They either will ask you to contact the distributor or the shop is no longer in operation

Therefore, we aims to cover the warranty support for the digital lock , door and gate as long as you purchase from My Digital Lock

For Kato laser cut gate, lesser joint lines from wielding can be seen as majority were cut by machine

However there are still some customer would prefer the traditional mild steel gate with wielding involve

In 2020, majority of the customers would prefer the EPIC 5G Satin gold gate digital lock

As it is the first satin gold gate lock in Singapore

Matches well with black HDb gate or interior designer main door



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