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5G 24K Gold Plated Digital Lock Promotion 2021
unlock the HDB Door & Gate Using Fingerprint

EPIC 24K Gold Platted Digital Lock (Limited Edition)

EPIC 24K Gold Platted Digital Lock is the most luxurious digital lock ever made in Korea, design for the dubai distributor of EPIC

8 Grams of 24K gold were spray on top of the digital lock through 3 layers of gold coating

Digital Lock Malaysia have work closely with the dubai EPIC distributor to build this model

For 916 gold certificate, you can top up $600 and we will build the fingerprint bezel in handmade gold

EPIC 24K Gold Platted PRO Digital Lock-2
EPIC 24K Gold Platted Gate Digital Lock

The Latest EPIC 6G Gate Digital Lock can replaces the Gate Mechanical Lock perfectly.


From outside of the house you can enter using the 6 Methods:

  1. 100 fingerprints
  2. Up to 20 cards
  3. Password
  4. Bluetooth
  5. WIFI (Add $50 for WIFI Bridge)
  6. Key from the back unit

Unlock from inside the house (4 methods):

  2. Mechanical Keys x 2
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Wi-Fi Optional ($50 Wi-Fi bridge)
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& We will drive down to show you the EPIC Gate Digital Lock

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6G-Back-ViewEPIC-Gate-Lock-Hot Sale!
EPIC-24K-Gold-Platted-Gate-Digital-Lock-2epic-24k-gold-platted-digital-lock Sale!

EPIC 24K Gold Platted Digital Lock

$ 1,199.00 $ 688.00